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  1. For the marble and jade just look in the download section. When you call this site , on the right sight is a columm "Recent Files" ; there you see Jade and Marble Quarry!!
  2. Thank you @stiles for doing the tests and confirmation! I don´t use MM ,it is just for some 1.06 mods,like NMT... That is nothing gamebreaking ,just funny.You`ve done a fantastic job with CC!!!
  3. It seems that the compatability 1.07 mod is causing the issue.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. So, i know i have problem with load order,i have a lot of mods.
  5. Hello, why store Taverns Materials like Clay, Sand , Gras and so on ?
  6. Hello, amazing what you have done !! I found this site saturday and played 32h at a stretch!!