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  1. First time observing such a graphic mess, undoubtedly from the unusual form the river was given. Some of the distortion actually appears to stick above the water line but I didn't get a picture from the low pitch. I didn't actually play this map, I chose to generate a new one.
  2. I always play with all shadows off because they cause too much lag. I can only really give answers for the map I'm currently doing because I'm an inconsistent player and I really don't remember how far back I've had issues or what all maps. Red Desert, Medium, Nuevo arbol lite - medium, warm arid. I always play with Journey, light rain, better rain sounds, and debug menu. I'd say it seems like all the trees but since they seem to grow in patches it can be a bit deceiving. Seems like one time I started with bamboo and felt like it was crowding, but that was long enough ago that I couldn't say anything useful. Since the answer to my question is ultimately "no", I will try to note observations so I can see about providing further feedback. Thanks
  3. I took a break from Banished. Came back and updated to Banished 1.0.7 and CC 1.75 to have the newest running immediately noticed an improvement in load time etc (yay). I don't play super often but I did start to notice that my games were frequently running slow (particularly after a decade or so) considering all the improvements. After a while I think I have identified that the trees on my maps are becoming super crowded and none ever seem to die off and that seems to be what is causing the lags. On my most recent map I decided I needed to open the debug menu and use "no cost" so that I could just clear trees all over the map to thin things out...and it did help. Are the trees supposed to live forever? I thought that was only orchard trees. And is there a way for me to have them die out so that I don't have to strip trees away to keep my game running smoothly?
  4. I noticed that, according to the stats, this house has better fuel and storage than its upgrade the town abode
  5. Thanks. I'll try it again because I know mine wasn't working, but I was still getting used to the new limits at that time. If, as Kralyerg said, the limit wasn't removed just renamed, then it would make sense that it should still work in spite of all the changes. You guys have a lot of content; I'm not surprised that something got missed somewhere -- it happens. PS so happy to have new limits. I know this has been long awaited.
  6. Tried placing an iron collector in CC1.75 but it wouldn't work. The resource says it's still listed as Material but that limit doesn't exist anymore