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  1. Finally!! After building a Welcoming statue on the other side of the big lake I was able to get some nomads. The town hall or the nomad well (which should attract them every year) - no success. I built those two on the western side of the lake. And the statue on the eastern side. Edit: actually, right after getting them to the Statue I got another group to the well too.
  2. This is a mystery. I'll try that Welcoming statue and see what happens.
  3. Now this is annoying. Playing a new map - and again, no nomads. This time I picked this map (seed 999) mentioned in this post: thinking that maybe a map that some people here have been playing might be a good map. But no. No nomads. I build town hall and bridges. A long dock crossing that big lake. And waited and waited. I have never had this problem before CC: Journey. After installing that mod version I have seen 0 nomads. Played 3 maps.
  4. Thanks a lot for your answer! I'll try those things. Actually I just got bored with this map and decided to try with a less watery map - let's see if I get lucky with nomads this time...
  5. Ok here are the pics. Red markings on the map = the bridges I've built.
  6. I have played 65 years already... No nomads. And the Town hall has been there several decades. I built some bridges cross streams some years ago and I don't see any reason why nomads wouldn't be able to walk across the map. It is a very watery map though - a swamp map.
  7. I don't have a regural trading post. I have an "Old town trading post." Should I have a vanilla game trading post? I have several kinds of markets.
  8. Since I have updated CC to Journey I haven't got any nomads. I have played two different maps with this mod version. Same problem in both of them. I have build a Town hall a long time ago.