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  1. Hi, from Australia. I am an avid strategy, simulator, rpg gamer. Playing games like Civilization, Simcity and Cities: Skylines to death. I think I bought Banished in early access as it looked promising, and I had been yearning for something akin to the earlier settlers games with the resource management and planning, not so much the later ones with quests and so much warmongering. I am showing my age but I have such fond memories of the early settlers games on my old Amiga 500. I was a little disappointed at first as Banished seemed to fall short and get boring so fast. I recently thought I would give it another shot but found it rather lacking again. Then I started poking about for mods and came across Colonial Charter. I played my first Colonial Charter game to 70 years just this last week. Then I thought I'd give Megamod a go and am currently playing that with a new map and loving it to death. Finally my village simulator I had been yearning for. Banished is so much better with these mods. It changes from boring to addictive.