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  1. I posted about issues I encountered when I built bridges across a river and found the laborers delivered materials to either side of the bridge, even crossing an imaginary bridge as if they were floating on air. I believe I found why this happened but please forgive me if this was already resolved since I don't always come back to check issue resolutions. My OCD kicked in, however, and I couldn't let this rest until I found out why. If I tell workers to build a road, build a stockpile or clear across the river BEFORE the bridge is constructed they become homeless and possibly starve. My work-around at the time was to bring up the debug menu and turn off effects of cold and starvation. However, if I do not give any orders to build or demolish or clear anything across the river the laborers do not cross, they do not become homeless and they don't starve. Thanks for your patience and again forgive me if this was already resolved.
  2. The hardest part for me was the production choices. As Estherhb said, you can easily make rough tools from iron ore and wood for a while but eventually you'll want to produce iron, coal and furnace fuel. You can place mines to produce coal and iron ore plus make furnace fuel from many different source materials. (As an aside note, the game now differentiates between home heating charcoal and coal to produce higher grade tools. Homes will not steal coal to heat plus charcoal produced in a stacks burner is more energy efficient than firewood.) I now play the game with an Iron, Coal, Iron Ore and Stone shacks. These are in the resource production tab -> renewable resources. They "grow" these from the ground and I don't need more resources to produce each. To repeat what's already been said, this game is full of choices for you and how you want to play. You may make rough tools for a while, then iron tools and eventually the higher grade tools. It's your game. I personally set a goal of doing many lower population games to get comfortable with each, but that was just me.
  3. If I may refresh this question, I believe there are fishing and hunting structures that requires these. Fishing I understand but I don't see an advantage for making hunting gear when all I shot is wild deer for venison. And yet clothiers can make items from furs. Am I missing something? Can we hunt wild animals for pelts and make clothing from them? Or is this a commodity that we have to purchase from a merchant? Thanks. And I absolutely LOVE this mod and can't wait for it to go public. Don
  4. Thanks, Estherhb. I worked around it by opening debug and disabled hunger and cold. It worked in the last release though so I thought I'd re-report it. So far, so good and so many things I'm trying.
  5. I just noticed a repeat issue that apparently was resolved earlier on people getting stuck across a river after building a new bridge. I made a wooden bridge plus a new road on that new side. A peep crossed the river by foot and started to clear things on the other side, yelling that he was homeless and soon starving. Thanks.
  6. For me, this was the most difficult "hurdle" in the CC until I read somewhere that I can do whatever construction tree I wanted, or didn't want. That's true but I still need to make iron tools and clothing. For clothing, I made simple leather coats to keep the bannies somewhat warm and later I wanted warmer coats which means I need sheep's wool. I can continue to produce leather or make wool coats - my decision. For tools, bannies collect iron ore. I could have them make rough tools forever but they'd break and need replacing quickly. For them to make iron I'd need a smelter AND produce furnace fuel which burns hotter than plain firewood. And for furnace fuel I need to decide what basic materials I want to produce around the map, including firewood, coal, reed bundles, etc. My decision. I may keep housing at a basic level or make advanced housing, my decision. I may build the standard cabins found in the vanilla and later upgrade them a single step to stone housing and for that I need lots of stone which means I may need a quarry. Or for more advanced housing, I'd need the basic housing supplies. It took several games to figure this one out but what helped most was to build the building supplier, select which items I wanted to produce and then build those other support buildings. (Such as, I may want glass, bricks and lumber so I need glassworks, brickworks and lumber. The first two items are in the production buttons. But to produce glass and bricks I may need furnace fuel.) I felt I needed to play the game without cheating but to learn I needed the debug and select zero cost building. I could tinker without wasting a lot of time and learn the production tree whenever. Don't forget to save first or, like me, you'll wish you could return to a previous save. For food, bannies could live on plain lettuce, fish, walnuts, milk, beef, etc or I could build a bakery for better foods. Or flowers and water to make perfume. Or root beer from roots. Or mead from honey. The bannies would be happy grinding their own wheat or drink milk and never complain about only getting basic food stuffs. In closing,I hope I've said everything correctly but very willing to learn more from other players. I'm not 1000% knowledgable or don't always say things correctly but I think I've stated what I've learned here and from others.
  7. Thanks so much, estherhb. That explains a lot. I'm glad you're patient because I have my "dim bulb" moments!
  8. I recently reported that I had a problem with food growth but then I thought a mod conflicted but apparently it messed up the game. I was wrong. I've tested every climate and found grows food at a normal rate EXCEPT when I set it to a tropical climate. I also used debug and gave myself every seed thinking it was peppers and planted another crop and still diminished growth on other seed types. I have no mods installed. I have save files for each. Tested mild, Mediterranean, Temperate, Marine, tropical and mild climates. Would someone else see if they can duplicate this? Thank you. Don
  9. I figured out what went wrong eventually. I kept the More Stable Population mod active but after I deleted it the farm growth returned to normal. Sorry but I spent 4 hours deleting your mod then reinstall before I thought of it. Case solved.
  10. I've had no issues playing any mode with any versions , easy to hard, until yesterday when I finally got to download version 8 RC 5. I started an easy game to play test, laid out my roads, forest hub, my crop and herd fields. The usual. Cranked it up and everything went great until the first group of babies were born and it went from 900 to 400 instantly. Then by Fall it was 200 and then zero. I also noticed by field produced only about 50 even though they started in mid Spring. Restarted just to watch the field and noticed the field wasn't even growing a stalk. Shortened story here, I unchecked the mods, completely removed, restarted a new game and still no improvements. I have no other mods installed. I played RC 5 from last week before Saturday with no problems until I yesterday when I finally got to install and play the newest version. Help. Should I completely uninstall Banished and reload from scratch? I assume it's a glitch on my end some way or some how. I'll test a medium difficulty shortly to check. Thanks! Don
  11. Clicking the covered storage barn icon also made it crash. I don't know if this was the same reported above. (I'm just clicking the icons first to see what's what.)
  12. LOL! Good point. I meant baffling to be non-serious, just curious thing that I couldn't figure out. Nothing more.
  13. Update: I only saw reeds added to the misc small storage barn so just for grins built the small barn (the one found in the misc storage barns, not the specialized one) and that one had tools and clothing stored immediately. Still watching. Baffling because it happens on my end but not in your, estherhb, and even moreso that I have no other mods loaded. Should I perhaps unload and reload the mod? I'll verify again after game play this weekend. Again, hmmmm.
  14. Thanks. I just saw reeds pop in there although I have a water tower nearby that went off a further distance. I'll watch throughout the game. Ironic though that the other had items going in immediately. Things that make me go hmmm.
  15. It appears the Specialized Storage Barn - Small Misc Barn is "broken" in that no goods are apparently dropped off. The other labeled small barn in the lineup of all storage barns with the same appearance works. Thanks. Don