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  1. The stone building small school description reads "small school for 14 students" when it appears to edumacate 24.
  2. I hope you don't mind that I post several items in one post. First, a mega thank you to all the modders, programmers and testers who improve this game so much. So far, all starting conditions work (orchards, farmers, etc.). Love it! And I love how these starting conditions add so much variety! Thank you! I noticed the gatherers also picking flowers. Is this normal? I assume flower gatherers pick them but at an increased margin. The coal is now correctly counted under minerals gathered and stored. Helped big time, thanks! Are any testers also uploading their games into youtube?
  3. I realize. Just making light humor. Have to....life is too serious and this is just a game for the fun of it.
  4. I hope I can continue this thread with my other starting conditions tests and a quick question. For today, this is it because I want to play the game too but I also want to contribute in even a small way to everyone's huge amount of work. You are all fantastic and make this game more than just a one-trick-pony. Thank you. I started each test with my usual conditions and always built a small town arrival to get the seeds list. Also please forgive me if something was mentioned, just point me in the right way. Starting Conditions: 1. Easy (DSSV) - bombed, won't even start 2. Farmers - all difficulties worked. 3. Crops - all worked 4. Orchards - all worked 5. Herdman - worked 6. CC Northern Pinces Easy bombed 3 times - game won't start. I'll try again Two simple questions. First, is there a way to restart the game after being kicked out? I found my only way was to restart. And second, in easy and medium modes could there be a seeds, orchards, and animal randomizer so the same game could be different each time? Just asking. Please ignore 1 through 6 above. I see these are already being handled in another thread. Apologies. But could anser the last 2 paragraphs on new game. I bet it has to do with the "algorithms" involved, if that's the right terminology. Just curious. Thanks. Can't wait for the update/upgrade to come out!
  5. Thanks so much. And this crash happens most of the time so I must have a computer that loves me. Lol
  6. Thanks, just what I needed! I experienced exactly the same thing. Love this starting condition now.
  7. Same test settings for continuity. Seed 739341383, verdant plains, mild climate. Starting conditions: Easy-Crops DSSV The game began and as soon as I tested the crop by building a test field block it dumped me out of the game with this error. This is the first time I've ever uploaded a graphic to your site along with a pic so let's hope this works. Thanks so much for the help. crash.dmp
  8. Thanks, estherhb. Weird because it didn't happen before this version. I think the workaround for now it to build any bridge (not the stone bridge split) and do NOT cue up work for them across the river until it's build. Another interesting problem I found coming.
  9. This bothered me because I want to get it right so I re-tested this morning. Map Seed 739341383 (no bearing on results, just my testing map), Verdant Plains, Vegetable Garden Easy Starting Condition. I retested using these conditions to check results. I placed a wooden bridge, assigned builders, and cranked up the speed. The workers stayed on the "East" side of the bridge to place materials and build. No problems. I placed a Stone Bridge Split Left and Right, assigned builders and sped up. The workers always carried the materials and constructed on the West side bank. Some waited there construction was completed. If I assigned additional tasks like a stock pile or harvest trees, they did their work and stood there until the bridge was completed. (I tried other bridge types and the others worked properly but the split bridge didn't.) EDIT: Forgot to test with other starting conditions. Mild and medium had different results where the workers brought materials to the West side then the builders constructed from the East side to West sides which alternated their homeless "balloons."
  10. I'll re-test them again later tomorrow and send the "report" file. Maybe my computer gave me a hiccup and will behave next time. (A lot happened this week but now on the up side of a horrendous week.)
  11. Sorry, I didn't post I played Vegetable Garden on hard difficulty. The only told the bannies to build the double wide bridge plus I marked areas for stock piles, and instructed the bannies to clear resources. I've constructed double wide bridges in previous game versions. I may test other starting conditions for more "unplanned features."
  12. I hope I'm posting this in the right section. If not, please do move it over and let me know. I was playing my standard test map, created a double road and played in the first area for a while with no problem. I wanted to cross the river and make a road double--wide from the point on one side to the other. I watched and noticed the bannies crossed the imaginary, unbuilt bridge then had the homeless sign over their heads until the floated over the unmade bridge back to the other side and became with a home again.
  13. I've opened several just to see how they work in the newest mod version. So far so good except for a few below the CC starting conditions. For example, Easy Crops DSSV failed, Easy Orchards DSSV failed. However I started a game using stranded with Seeds Easy and Vegetable Garden Easy without a problem. I have my tests set with the following: Map seed 739341383, easy, large, mild, verdant plains. Please ignore if this is already reported or fixed but I'd prefer to report something and be wrong than not. I tried to search for this but came up empty. My moniker says DonSmart but sometimes I feel like DonDumb. Thanks so much.
  14. Thanks, Kralyerg! I appreciate that you let me state it and didn't doubt you for a minute. What you said made sense.
  15. I've play tested MM8 several days and, no surprise, I've had a very enjoyable experience but I missed seeing many items in the toolbar where I've grown accustomed. For example, row housing, the small village toolmaker and clothier, the forest buildings, and many others. I went thought the Sets toolbar and found them all after hunting and pecking through several sub-buttons. There are so many to list. Did you want a more detailed listing? (I've written most down so it's no big deal to list.) I try to think as a user who wants things plain and simple. Why not get these and all buildings back to their respective toolbar like they were under 1.72. For example, the druid school wasn't under education but several clicks into the sets and round buildings (I think that's where it was). I would never think of looking there unless I took the time. If I may add another small recommendation please. Whenever there is an error that boots me out of Banished, I have to do a full computer shut down (not restart) then re-enter the game. Is it possible to write into the code to bypass this? I assume the shut down and banished restart clears out or deletes the dump file? Thanks a lot for letting me make ideas and suggestions. Back to the game to test. Don