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  1. Oats and flax were part of .06, I believe, collected by the gatherers or there was the flax and oats buildings that collected them in the forest node. (Logically, why have the oat and flax gatherer icons if they do nothing. I tried them out in game before and, since the gatherers already collected them why do double duty?) Anyway, I found the work-around for my situations. My biggest concern was collecting enough goods to sell the more expensive items to the trader. I didn't chop wood but first had a extra foods collected in the forests plus added a few more deer hunters around the map which made leather jackets. Plus I found that duck hunting and feathers along with reeds made a good deal of survival coats. Problem solved. I'm extremely cautious about enabling mods because some have actually "broken" the game and ruined my enjoyment. In other words, problems solved but I just wanted anyone aware of my own discoveries. Thanks for listening! Awesome work!
  2. I just started settling things in my head on how the game works and now I have to rethink everything. *wink* Actually it's not a complaint but a HUGE thanks to everyone for all their hard work and dedication to this wonderful game. Modding extended the life and realism of this game, so great job and thanks again! After I get two forest hubs and dense forest up and running and fully staffed I move to my other tasks. At this stage I usually try to think about trade so I can get new things from a trader. (By the way, I LOVE the new trade buildings!) And here's where I'm stuck. In .06 I used the gatherers to gather flax and oats in the forest hub but my dim light bulb finally realized that this resource was no longer gathered so I tested and built a flax and oats gatherer but still nothing. I used flax and oats to bolster trade through linen and domesticated animals. If we shouldn't be able to collect oats and flax then why have these in the menu? Or am I missing something? Suggestions for first trades? Perhaps thinking like vanilla Banished should I chop wood until I can get what I want? Still struggling in the new version learning curve. It baffled me until I realized these mods basically combine Journey and MegaMod but it's still my decision to go where I want with so many optional buildings that essentially do the same thing (i.e., the windmills all grind grains into flours but I can decide which ones I want). Thanks for helping me think this through. - Don
  3. Got it working! I have no idea what happened or how or why but it works now plus all the mods are enabled and working. Beautiful. And food production is comparable to MegaMod .06 so life is good! I love all the additions. Posting more questions in another another forum for basic game helps. (Sorry to post so much info but it may have helped determine what's what.) Thanks again. Drove me crazy and I couldn't enjoy the game I play almost daily.
  4. I'll reinstall all mods in a few minutes - I've already uninstalled and unsubscribed all previous mods so it's clean Banished. I'll obviously extract the mods to my windata folder. Let me explain a bit more. From my previous post, I installed 1.07 Compatability Mod, Colonial Charter Journey (which I called CC 1.75), Megamod .07, and the Deco Pack .07. I believe the CC 1.75 is Journey so I could enable 1.75 Journey or the Megamod in the game but I can't run both 1.75 and .07. Or am I missing something or misunderstand? Installing it and will test run the same map to watch food production again. I always build a first forest node and get my gatherer and hunter fully staffed (4 each) plus kick start my forest by assigning 2 workers until the node is completely planted. I create a second node after my first one is fairly well along. Thanks for the help. Edited to add file names and sizes of each file after unpacking to the windata folder: ColChJ.pkm = 1,509,810 KB MegaMod.pkm = 2,087,225 KB MegaModKecoPack.pkm = 764,292 Compatability Mod = 85 KB
  5. First post by a long-time lurker but avid Banished fan. I downloaded and installed the mods from here and installed them in the windata directory, started up my game and made sure the mods loaded in order (1.07 compatability mod - CC 1.75 (Journey?) - MM .07 - .07 deco pack). I noticed the CC 1.75 mod won't load because it's either CC or MM. I didn't install other mods. Started my new game and played a while using the same tested map that I know and loved (739341383, easy, verdant plains, large). In MM .06 I could play any difficulty and had enough food harvested and stored even with just the animals, hunters and gatherers but after I installed .07 I barely had enough leftover and people starved within a few years. Love the mod and all the fantastic work everyone has done to keep the game alive but this frustrates me. I thought perhaps I need to completely uninstall and reinstall Banished but I wanted to check this out here first. SIDE TOPIC: For anyone interested in additional historical perspective, please check out the Townsends videos on youtube. Their videos provide a unique historical perspective on life in early Colonial times. Thanks so much. - Don