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  1. Are you running tons of other mods? Could be conflicts. What's helped me go from unplayable lag, to relatively smooth: 1. Deleted all other mods besides CC and Megamod. I also deleted in file explorer, so it's just these 2 mods, although I think CC has 2 files. I also removed all the old saves and switched to DX11. This took initial load time from 10+ minutes to 1 or 2 minutes total and game is running smooth, not as smooth as vanilla but very much playable. Good luck
  2. I'm getting the feeling the whole chain is borked somehow. Seems way too much flower production, problems with storage, and generally over produced, almost makes everything else obsolete.
  3. Make a smaller barn or cellar storage for luxury items, it will be deposited there, to be picked up by your traders. Industry and markets will also pick it up from the cellars.
  4. This chain is way OP. At first I was happy but after a while you just get tons and tons of the flowers, and perfumes and flowers are the only things I ever need to trade. Even if I wanted to ignore, I can't because they fill up my warehouses so quick, it's insane. Is there any way to tone this down? Seems like a good idea but geez, a little challenge anyone?
  5. I just wanted to follow up on my previous post. I deleted some files and the duplicate menu is gone, it seems to be running smooth. Here's what I did: 1. Disabled and deleted all other mods besides the 3 MM8 mod parts 2. Deleted all saves except autosav 3. Changed to Divx 11 Game loads quicker now and like I said, no duplicate menu icons and seems more stable, no crash so far. I'll report back if I see any issues. As always, great job guys! Vanilla was great but CC made it exponentially so!
  6. I have this exact bug, except my menu also shows an RK item that also crashes. I suspect the reason the MM8 don't stay selected is that the settings don't save due to the crash? I do remember getting this bug a few versions ago, maybe 6? I believe the compatibility patch fixed this but I could be wrong.