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  1. Hunted for other comments on this but came up empty. My trade boats come downstream on the main river with the current like usual but then turn around and go back upstream. Later they come down the big river again, go past the trading post and leave the map like normal. This has happened with multiple maps and different trading posts. I'm using MM8 with additional mods. It's behaving like boats coming up the small river with no exit so they go back the way they came in. (also using a new pc and win10 but this shouldn't matter other than I'm fumbling around trying to make print screen work).
  2. When you first start the game, choose options - input and scroll down until you reach screenshot. Click on none (next to Print Screen) and while that's selected, hit the F12 key at the top of your keyboard. That should make F12 take snapshots while in the game. The no UI means that the Banished Logo and menu aren't imposed over your picture. Good luck. It works but sometimes takes multiple tries before that happens. Ooops ... and don't forget to hit the apply button.
  3. That's either CC's pink flower version of the red bush or RK's bush. It appears with the Peak Valley map where there are flowering bushes everywhere, including a white flowering option to this bush. It looks almost identical to the red rose bush that's found in the decorative menu option. I've never seen it as a stand alone option.
  4. Why have all the Tailor buildings (including the original SR one) been forced to create the same extended clothing line. It's eliminated warm/winter coats and we're left being forced to use Peacoat instead. Having different lines was great and it's a MM8 death bell for me. I like the originality that each modder brought in with their creations and that's gone. Along with the little blue Tailor building that I used everywhere. This huge mod was really convenient tho and only took a minute to load.
  5. Were Necora's mods left out for a reason or are they in there and I haven't found them yet?
  6. Wow... it's great to have everything so organized. Thank you for all the work in creating this.
  7. I use the Debug mod and it works just fine but I've never tried to make a disaster happen. That's not your problem. One thing that often helps is to go into Regedit and eliminate all the mods and start over. Never just remove mods from your WinData folder without doing this step. The other advantage I have is my game isn't from Steam. I couldn't get the Steam game to run without crashing so bought it from HumbleBumble. No crashes after that.
  8. Where can I download the Pine Set v1.04. The download section gives a 404 error for the file.
  9. Thanks. Love the little buckets
  10. Very Nice! Didn't realize there were so many modern building so it looks more like SC4 than Banished. If only the game had a working train ....
  11. Thanks That fixed it. That means that any mod you want to override MM must go above the Compatibility Mod too. Didn't expect it to work that way.
  12. This was taken from inside the current game and shows the storage mod is version 16. The lack of storage issue still seems to be there. It's a new game/town from the other picture. Very puzzling.
  13. No. This was my first town using Banished 1.0.7 and I was just testing to see if the small group of mods selected would work without crashing. They worked and the only problem was how little storage those two buildings provided. I started with a group of mods and made no changes up to taking those pictures. The other storage buildings seem normal. I've started a new town using the same mods and will test again. I'm placing 'Compatibility107' first, then 'RidiculousStorage, etc., with the last two mods being MegaMod and MMDecoPack. I'm trying to break out of a 'always build the same' rut but found there were too many buildings I loved in MM to not use that mod.
  14. I downloaded the mod on 3/22
  15. I downloaded it, along with a few other mods, into a folder to use with Banished v1.0.7 and played the game right after downloading it. How would it get updated? And isn't it the latest version.