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  1. I use the Debug mod and it works just fine but I've never tried to make a disaster happen. That's not your problem. One thing that often helps is to go into Regedit and eliminate all the mods and start over. Never just remove mods from your WinData folder without doing this step. The other advantage I have is my game isn't from Steam. I couldn't get the Steam game to run without crashing so bought it from HumbleBumble. No crashes after that.
  2. Where can I download the Pine Set v1.04. The download section gives a 404 error for the file.
  3. Thanks. Love the little buckets
  4. Very Nice! Didn't realize there were so many modern building so it looks more like SC4 than Banished. If only the game had a working train ....
  5. Thanks That fixed it. That means that any mod you want to override MM must go above the Compatibility Mod too. Didn't expect it to work that way.
  6. This was taken from inside the current game and shows the storage mod is version 16. The lack of storage issue still seems to be there. It's a new game/town from the other picture. Very puzzling.
  7. No. This was my first town using Banished 1.0.7 and I was just testing to see if the small group of mods selected would work without crashing. They worked and the only problem was how little storage those two buildings provided. I started with a group of mods and made no changes up to taking those pictures. The other storage buildings seem normal. I've started a new town using the same mods and will test again. I'm placing 'Compatibility107' first, then 'RidiculousStorage, etc., with the last two mods being MegaMod and MMDecoPack. I'm trying to break out of a 'always build the same' rut but found there were too many buildings I loved in MM to not use that mod.
  8. I downloaded the mod on 3/22
  9. I downloaded it, along with a few other mods, into a folder to use with Banished v1.0.7 and played the game right after downloading it. How would it get updated? And isn't it the latest version.
  10. I'm using this version It's placed second, right after compatibility 1.07. I'm using the MegaMod and MMDeco with no crashes. The Old Town Market (wonderful building) was filled with less than 1,000 items. I know it's by weight but there was almost nothing in there.
  11. Two of my favorite buildings that used to hold a ton of items are now full with just a few items. I'm using the new extra storage mod written for 1.0.7. I know the Market isn't a storage building, but it used to hold way more than this.