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  1. With the hunting blind, I've acquired a lot of duck meat and with the ship I've started getting whale and seal meat, as well as lobster. My town also has crayfish, mussels, oysters and lots of chicken meat... Thing is, there's not a whole lot to do with these items. There are butcher stalls for beef cows, bison, deer, horses, llama, pigs and sheep, but no duck, chicken, whale or seal meat butchers. Also, unless I just haven't gotten that far into the myriad of buildings and shops CC has to offer, there are pub house options that make pub meals with several of the meats, but none with whale, seal, lobster or duck. The salt house and smoke house don't have options for those, either. Also, idea... Is there a way that we could choose to have resources stored in the proper warehouse / storage areas until they are full before it goes into a "holds anything" storage area? Love the flatten terrain tool, is there a way to implement a raise terrain and lower terrain tool? Cemetery Idea... Pretty sure it can't be done, but just in case... Mouse over headstones would give you the person's name and the year they were born and died. If that's not possible, would a log of this be possible. Basically, just a recorded history of the citizen's name with the year they were born (If citizen was an original settler it would have a zero for birth year) and the year they died? (Example below) Heywoody 0 - 8 Aaziryah 3 - 12 Donel 3 - 14 I had more ideas, but sleepiness is -not- a good memory booster. Should I recall I will just edit this post. Thanks for indulging a woman with an OCD for detail. *Smiles cheesily*
  2. Greetings! I'm of the female persuasion and inhabit an insanely small realm located inside the territory of Ohio within the boarders of the kingdom Usa. *Snickers softly and grins* I enjoy a variety of games. My passion lies in RP, but I prefer to stream building and simulation games. I recently started streaming and it was obtaining our gaming rig that allowed me the ability to use Colonial Charter: Journey. I am in L--V-E! I'll have to try to remember to take some screen shots of my Banished town. I'm in year 92 with almost 400 citizens. I use CC and the Increased Resources Combined together. I'm gonna shut up now before I seriously fan girl myself into oblivion... *Bites her lower lip as if to force herself to remain quiet, then turns to run deeper into the labyrinth of the forum, blurting out one last thing before vanishing.* Happy Gaming!