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  1. ^^That's the snag! Thank you very much for the fast help Kralyerg, much appreciated. Winter can come now. Last time I played, it was on your initial release of the Megamod where the deco stuff was included, I guess. So actually I was to fast with the download and haven't read deep enough here. Anyway, Thank you! I don't find the option - this can marked as solved!
  2. Maybe I'm just dumb, blind or a unique snowflake? Idk, but I can't find the decorative items. Backstory: After one year+ I thought its time to start with Banished again (its getting cold and dark outside). Thanks to your effort I sorted out all 121 single mods I used ingame and downloaded over the time and now only installed the Megamod. I updated Banished to the latest version ofc, but still I can't find/see the the button for the Decorative Items. I went over to another PC - made a fresh install of Banished and the only placed mod in WinData Dir is the Megamod. Same issue. Resoulution is 2k, running on GTX1070 and tested on Win7/10 Pro 64bit if that matters. Any advice / tip is much appreciated. I've included two screenshots; WinData folder and Ingame after a fresh start where you see the (missing) button(s)