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  1. Found it, great thank you.
  2. Hi Governor, Thank you for your help. i answer to your questions first no I did not upgrade the copper mine before I tried to demolished and yes wiki, is right you do have to upgrade before demolishing mines, second I rest the miscellaneous counter from 0 up to 999999 and that has solved the limit problem with the silkworm farm. Could you please post a link to the wiki site so I can check things out on there for future reference.
  3. Hi guys, Well I have two little problems I hope you can help with, first a have a real problem removing a build that has been demolished, i.e. it is still there and nothing I try will remove it you can see in the first screenshot that I a talking about the copper mine and secondly I hit a snag with the white mulberry grove as shown in the second screenshot it the it states that the building has reached its production limit? who is this possible as the build does not seem to have a limit like all the other builds do and as you can clearly see from the screenshot of my towns inventory just how much silk I have, i.e. silk cocoons = 0, silkworm eggs = 0, silkworms = 2, so how can this total be the limit for production?
  4. Thank you, now I know where to put things I can final sort out removing old out of date mods and ones that I no longer want.
  5. OK, so I have downloaded and extracted the mod files and all it says on this page about the location to place themis "windata", just were the hell is "windata" any way as this is the first time I have downloaded files for banished outside of the steam workshop and thus I have no idea were this "windata folder is located?