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  1. I love it when I can buy veg oil off a vendor otherwise it doesnt work well for the donuts but I love seeing them for some reason their icon makes me happy hehehe
  2. That's a lot of bakeries lol Love how detailed you go into the town year by year that is really cool. You must enjoy writing up the gameplay narrative just as much as playing which is really cool. I often feel like I am telling their story in my head makes it more interesting.
  3. Love your screenshots. I love the idea too of how the town is going to develop and what am I going to focus on trading. I think for the next town I am going to for some districts like that idea and some more old english looking vibe. Same I always come back to it. I don't think I would have though if CC and the modding community didn't exist. The vanilla version got old real quick for me.
  4. So before the holidays I started playing Banished again after over a year of not playing. I updated CC but didn't do much exploring after that and started a town. Then I found Maritime's dock system and added that mod, then I found the Sherbrooke and then the Pinetree set and added that. (First image) then I found a whole slew of "modular" mods I didn't know about and before corrupted my save completely I decided to start over from scratch. I have a 2 toned town going here. A wild pinetreeing, mushroom house living rustic side across the bridge is the spread out big country land folk and then by the canals a colorful mix of the two in townhomes. It has been a fun town to make but it can pretty much run without my intervention now so I am getting bored of it. Is that bad? Do you guys do that too and then start over? I am thinking of starting over with a new theme or different challenge. This challenge was how much I could fill out the map and our stores and people without being tremendously behind on one thing. I didn't fill out the map quite enough but ya bored.
  5. Really excited to see this unfold as you guys create. Question about the people, one thing I miss from Tropico but not enough to play tropico was the interaction the people had with their environment. For example if you built up a really pretty area or made their neighborhood pretty they really appreciated it (thought bubbles were feedback not necessary) and hung around it. Sometimes the lack of interaction from the banished people is a bit disappointing. Do you guys plan on implementing anything like this in the game?