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  1. Okay, thanks @estherhb:D
  2. Is this work with version 1.0.7? And i have a question like @JC Jackal, it have 2 files.
  3. Aha, thanks for your explanation about this worker mechanism.. Will try another luck on new village
  4. Ah, yeah i think my worker assigned on stone gatherer building go to food gatherer, because i set it to 2 of 4 on there. I build stone gatherer because i think it may easy to gatherer stone. My village running out of stone. Thanks mate ------- Is it possible to make all of resource, food etc showing up on window like on top right of my screen (forget that window name)?
  5. Thanks for the answers @estherhband @stiles I have another problem, i build stone gatherer, but on worker status i see 0 of 1 not like other buildings, and set 1 worker to work here. And question mark always appear on building and my worker doesnt come. How to handle this? Is location of stone gatherer affected the worker?
  6. Hi, Im new play Banished and cc, really enjoyed using cc because give me more profesion and new building than vanilla version. Really enjoyed playing this game until year 3, i running out of tools, and i tried build a blacksmith but it stuck. Because the build icon says 90,what means of that 90? So, must i build 90 things before i able to build a blacksmith? Regards, Snthe