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  1. Hey everyone, I finally picked up Banished during this past Thanksgiving Steam sale, but I've been interested in the game for well over a year. I decided to take the plunge due to recently discovering its active modding community. As for my own background, I'm from the Western US. I suppose I'm best known on the Internet as Exurbanite, an asset creator for Cities: Skylines...another game that I only play because of its huge modding scene. I have a passion for city builders since I'm an architecture student with a focus on historic preservation, so being able to create organic and highly detailed villages in Banished is very entertaining. Right now I'm only using CC, EB's village assets, and a few other things including buildings from The North, and so far it's highly addicting. My only critique about the game so far is the lack of diagonal placement of buildings and the lack of true diagonal/curved paths. Idk if this limitation is hard-coded, but it's unfortunate that a game this great doesn't possess such a core feature of city-builders. Also, I hope MegaMod gets an update soon. Seems like a lot of great content in there.
  2. Would it be possible for shoes to give a small walking speed bonus? Maybe you couldn't equip shoes for each individual citizen like clothing or tools, but perhaps a minor, universal bonus could be given once the cobbler is established.