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  1. Right. So, silly me. The lack of the compatibility mod was exactly the problem. They're delivering and using the goods now. When I discovered MM 0.07, I read about the need for a compatibility mod with beta 1.0.7. Everything seemed to indicate it was just needed for the beta. Thinking it was no longer needed, I didn't download it. I know better now!
  2. I first noticed this when I built the medieval tailor. I set the production for survival coats which use 6 reeds and 3 feathers. At the time, I had about 40 reeds and just over 100 feathers. So, ample supply for at least one coat. The reeds were stored in the small miscellaneous barn. The worker would go to the misc barn to gather the needed reeds first and it would just become a loop. If I open the worker's inventory, I see her acquire 30 reeds. She turns around, walks over to the tailor, bends to deliver, and then nothing. She doesn't drop off the reeds. They never leave her inventory. Instead, she goes back to the misc barn, and drops the reeds back there. They do leave her inventory. Then, she picks them up, and repeats the loop over and over again. Initially, I thought it was just a glitch with the reeds or that specific tailor building. I can make hide coats from leather just fine, so I ignored it. But a little while ago, I built the tropical greenhouse and saw a worker do the same thing with bonemeal. I'm not seeing this with any other type of good (I don't have them all yet), so I can tentatively say it's just happening with things tagged miscellaneous.