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  1. One thing I found when trade posts are not receiving is because of what under the water is like. two lakes can touch but that does not mean the trader will arrive. Your river connecting big lake seems to be made out of 4-6 smaller lakes. Sometimes I use terrain editor to cut a deep trench out from the trading post (width of the trading post) to where it connects to the boat's path. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I also have a feeling if you move trading post 1 to the location of your rice planter that is close by the right side(opposite side of the river from your castle walls), you may see a trader come. One last suggestion as well, make sure to save before you edit for that WTF moment so you can reload and try again.
  2. Discrepancy's Jettys & Bridges offers a raised jetty staircase and a one square straight dock/jetty piece (w/ F variants) that connects well with his stone bridge set (one of my favs these days). To my knowledge, this is included in the latest mega-mod build. Here is an image of the raised jetty set pieces from inside one of my maps:
  3. Just so you know Kevin you can change your nickname to be specific for each server you join. If you right click your name on the user list there should be a "change nickname" option. That change is for the server only, not your master account which has the #number attached to it.
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply. It was two different seeds and product from traders but it may have been from an older start for sure. When I started a new map all was working right again.
  5. Amazing guys, thanks so much for starting one and I hope it serves the community well. I hope the community as a whole does not use the server to be a pest to the wonderful mod developers. I understand first hand the issue of chat communication as a mod developer in the late 90's and early '00 with IRC clients. We where a Half-life mod with a growing popularity and it definitely had its time with the exact type of issues RedKetchup has mentioned. I hope the smaller tighter community we have here, in general, would keep it more as a community chat then a hard wire to the different mod devs. I do not use the steam client so I do not see what the steam community is like but I can understand from other steam communities the toxicity it can bring and breed. That can happen in any community however and the crossover is not really known. Someone can be toxic on Steam but also be a BL forum or WoB forum member who is sweet as banoffee (try it if you haven't). So far it is a very relaxed server compared to the others I am a member of. If anything, as the server sees growth or increased activity; I would suggest pinning a small set of rules to the general chat which includes stuff like no PM to devs about bugs/ideas, a couple simple civility rules, and whatever else may be needed. It can also state how to properly submit a bug report or a feature request if so inclined. If you ever need a moderator for the server, please feel free to ask. You have given us so much entertainment it's the least I can do for you all plus I do have some experience with discord since it's release.
  6. Curiosity has me, are there suppose to be two types of oats for MM8?
  7. Is there a Banished discord where everyone congregates?
  8. Curiosity here but are there suppose to be two different types of oats? one has a tall basket for an icon and the other seems to be more of a thrashing bowl for an icon. I'd like to make some oat flour... my Bannies enjoy scones.
  9. You can make perfume using the Perfumery under luxuries in MM. It requires flowers and water to make. I have found the water towers/ resources from Discrepancy and Redketchup mods work well. CC however pulls a different water type it looks like which I have yet to see hit the building for use in manufacturing. Also if you use the "remove wild food" command it will harvest food and flowers since the florist building using a gather as it's worker.
  10. Well I must apologize Discrepancy. I seem to have the worst luck dropping this structure on a map. I just placed it in 3 spots on my current build and 1 of the 3 got a docked trader. I guess I just keep setting these in spots where the AI just can't path it.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I have already removed the structure from play but will recreate it later today for you. Do you want me to use the map currently in play or a fresh build?
  12. For the life of me I can not get Discrepancy's Jetty Food trader (light or dark variation) to dock for trading. I have tried for the past 3 Megmod patches to get one to work but the trade boats just wave at me as they keep going by. Can anyone else recreate this?
  13. I have also found the following: EB > Resource Production > Charcoal Burner is producing charcoal under the construction flag, not being used for household heat, and does not respond to the resource limit.
  14. you just have to strip the RK special paths via the remove roads and replace them after the building is removed via it's UI window. A little pain but easy to work around.
  15. Someone please correct me if I am wrong; but one or a few of the mods within offer flax and oats as part of the wild growth picked up from gathers and clearing resources.