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  1. Yeah, I found some links to his Wild West buildings a moment ago and now I feel like a kid on Christmas. I've only ever downloaded my mods straight off of steam and I suddenly feel like a whole new world has opened up to me. Hey, any tips on some good medieval mods that are compatible with Colonial Charter. I had been using one from Red Ketchup before I managed to get CC up and working (was having crashing issue that was more to do with an error on my end than with the mod) but when I added CC I had to remove Red's mod since the two hated each other.
  2. Oh awesome! Thanks for the tip! Since we're on the topic of suggestions for games, the one thing I truly feel is missing from Banished is being able to utilize animals for labor, like horse drawn plows and ox drawn wagons and mounted this and thats. I'm a little animal obsessed. I've played Stronghold, which at least had the horse drawn tree cutters, but that's about it. I have been thinking of venturing away from Banished to look for something similar but with more beast drawn wagons since I'm starting to feel that's just not a thing that can happen in this game. Got any ideas? Or is it possible to offer a ray of hope that something like that could happen in Banished? (I can't imagine how, but then again I don't know the first thing about how to build a mod.)
  3. Oh, I would love all of this! And if you tie this in with the request someone else made for a Mars mod then we could have a regular old episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars (The Thrilling Adventure Hour) I've already created several towns and named them after other PodCasts (such as Night Vale) but this would be the happiest world I can imagine making! Yeeees please to all of this!
  4. Seconded! I am trying to envision all of these descriptions and it sounds amazing! Reading all of these threads has shown me just how narrow my creativity has been when playing this game!
  5. I second this motion. No matter how much I tell myself I'm going to build a big, sophisticated city with expensive looking streets and rich homes, I always end up covering all my lakes in shanties instead. I love building over the water and I don't even know why. More options, more decor, more productions would be super amazing!
  6. You can't change the look of the merchant boats at all? That's super lame. I had so many hopes for those boys changing in future expansions.