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  1. Hi. Just wanted to chime in and say that I am also experiencing the issue of my luxuries getting stored (and stuck!) in markets. I'm running CC 1.75 without MegaMod. I am not currently running Ridiculous Storage, but if that offers a temporary quick fix for this problem, then perhaps I shall. Thanks! ;-)
  2. I love that fresh water is now a resource in CC, but I wish that it had more uses and was used for more types of production. Some ideas: Potters need water to work the clay and make pottery. Preservists require water to make jams. Tinneries require water for processing, with soup tinneries requiring twice the amount. Bakeries need water to make baked goods, with basic bread requiring a higher flour to water ratio than hardtack. If using the tropical greenhouse mod (not part of CC, I know), maybe it requires water as well as bonemeal. But since we don't have to water our regular fields, maybe this would make greenhouses too expensive. Although I do also wish that the greenhouse required glass to build... But now I'm off topic.
  3. Hi everyone! I've been a fan of strategy and city/base/empire building games since the good old days of the very first Civilization, Dungeon Keeper, and Master of Orion. I still have Cesar IV and Evil Genius installed on my computer. I picked up Banished right at release, and I've been greatly enjoying CC and the various other mods by folks in this community over the years. I recently returned to Banished after (once again) getting bored with other games, and I joined this site in order to download the latest version of MM (I used to just get my mods directly through Steam). I'm not much on socializing, even online, but I wanted to take a moment and say how impressed I am with all the work that has gone into these mods. Thank you!