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  1. A few different versions might be one way to go. But of course that means more work and deciding which plants get put into which version, and it would also be a little bit more confusing for players.
  2. So a collaborative wild plants set might be an option in the future, now that more modders are adding plants.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. You might need to make a version that doesn't include auto-spawn.
  4. I'm a little confused at this point. Do your grassy meadows spawn automatically at the start of the game or do you need to build them in the same way that we build Red's fodder fields? If they are automatic, does this affect other mods/start conditions/etc?
  5. Actually that's a very good point. Didn't think of that. But thatch could still be a building material for buildings other than basic vanilla.
  6. It would be great to see other mods use it. I guess it makes more sense for some buildings to need thatch rather than iron. Pity there is a limit of only 3 different building materials per building though. I don't know a lot about thatch, but aren't some water reeds used as thatch? Could be interesting to have a reed farm (bigger than the CC version) that grows reeds/thatch. Another job for @Discrepancy, maybe? Or if you are both interested in a reed farm, perhaps the two of you could collaborate on it.
  7. It matches vanilla perfectly. But where will your thatch be used?
  8. Forest food suddenly sounds much nicer than it previously did. You got a like for the puns alone. I'd give you another for the pics if I could.
  9. Your forest really does look like a forest. Dark and scary almost. It's great.
  10. Interesting. Thanks. Does this mean if you have a market with no houses nearby it will collect food that no one will ever eat? I might try that and see what happens. Also, how do specialised (non food) markets work? Vanilla Banished doesn't have any of those. Does a specialised market vendor just collect all the different goods in their category regardless of what's needed in that area? From the description above it sounds like they will. That could actually slow down production in some cases.
  11. I'm not entirely sure but I think villagers will go the the closest available source of whatever they are looking for. I don't think market goods are reserved only for houses/buildings within the radius, I think it actually works the other way round - the market will stock goods that any buildings inside the radius need. So if you have a tailor in there the market will stock leather/wool or whatever your tailor needs (assuming it's a market that can stock these goods, and not just a food market). But I'm not entirely sure exactly how markets work. I've never really bothered to pay much attention to it. Happy to be corrected if someone knows more about it.
  12. It sounds like your full version will be much better than the lite version plus cold realism.
  13. If you want to release now just put a note saying more to come, will be updated soon. But on second thoughts, will the update be save game compatible? You can't delete all herbs to clear the way for a mod update in the same way that you can delete a building. If you are simply adding more new stuff to the mod and not changing any of the old stuff then it probably would be save game compatible, but I'm no expert so that's just a guess. The herbs look great. I've never really been a fan of the vanilla herbs. They don't look like anything much at all. One question - I play with the Cold Realism mod which makes herbs and forest food plants die in winter (just like crops). Will your mod be compatible with Cold Realism?
  14. A simple food override mod should be possible but it would be a huge job. If you don't make these foods or buy these foods they won't show up in your town hall list. For traders, just tell them to bring only a small number of foods that you actually want. You do have to wade through the long list once for each food trader to select what you want, but after that you never have to worry about them again unless you change your mind and want to order something different. Personally I like the food variety. I do agree that we don't need 10 different types of cider or 10 different types of jam. But I do like having all the different raw ingredients such as all the berries. I wouldn't want all berry crops to grow generic berries. For the purposes of this natural diversity mod though, generic mushrooms and herbs is fine. Making the forest look more interesting is what's important. I'm very much looking forward to this to being released. I guess what it all boils down to is that there are a number of different ways to play Banished. Survival game, medieval city builder, or town life simulator. If you are aiming for huge cities then details like 6 different egg recipes will just be annoying. If you enjoy growing fresh food and feeding your people hearty recipes then foodmania mods are almost essential.
  15. Which kitchens and recipes are you talking about?