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  1. If you want to release now just put a note saying more to come, will be updated soon. But on second thoughts, will the update be save game compatible? You can't delete all herbs to clear the way for a mod update in the same way that you can delete a building. If you are simply adding more new stuff to the mod and not changing any of the old stuff then it probably would be save game compatible, but I'm no expert so that's just a guess. The herbs look great. I've never really been a fan of the vanilla herbs. They don't look like anything much at all. One question - I play with the Cold Realism mod which makes herbs and forest food plants die in winter (just like crops). Will your mod be compatible with Cold Realism?
  2. A simple food override mod should be possible but it would be a huge job. If you don't make these foods or buy these foods they won't show up in your town hall list. For traders, just tell them to bring only a small number of foods that you actually want. You do have to wade through the long list once for each food trader to select what you want, but after that you never have to worry about them again unless you change your mind and want to order something different. Personally I like the food variety. I do agree that we don't need 10 different types of cider or 10 different types of jam. But I do like having all the different raw ingredients such as all the berries. I wouldn't want all berry crops to grow generic berries. For the purposes of this natural diversity mod though, generic mushrooms and herbs is fine. Making the forest look more interesting is what's important. I'm very much looking forward to this to being released. I guess what it all boils down to is that there are a number of different ways to play Banished. Survival game, medieval city builder, or town life simulator. If you are aiming for huge cities then details like 6 different egg recipes will just be annoying. If you enjoy growing fresh food and feeding your people hearty recipes then foodmania mods are almost essential.
  3. Which kitchens and recipes are you talking about?
  4. I wonder what has changed.
  5. Glad you like them. Some of these plants were in megamod but I've heard that Kral has taken them out. The standalone mod isn't finished and hasn't been released yet. I have no idea when it's going to be ready. Kral does all the coding and I make the textures.
  6. Glad you like the trees, it's a little project that I started with Kralyerg quite a while ago. I don't know why he took them out of megamod. The mod isn't finished and hasn't been released yet. Currently I am revising some of the textures (some are too bright and some just look bad) and last I heard Kral is making ghost versions of all of the different plants, but CC1.7 and megamod and the new beta release/new limits and also the new modding menu system are all probably higher on his list of priorities. ETA for release is unknown. Until then you can play with my test file. You can find it here: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=652.150 Look for reply 153.
  7. These look beautiful. Flowering herbs or non-flowering... either way is good.
  8. Kral needs helpers. There's too much in CC for one person to be doing all the bug-fixing, plus all those other CC-related mods, plus megamod. Your work is appreciated though.
  9. With CC the only foods that you can't make are the trade-only fruits. But you can make them with Kral's standalone greenhouse mod, which is in MM. So with MM every food can be made. You just have to find the right building.
  10. Perhaps the little pop-up blurb that describes what each building is (the one in the menu, before you build it) should give the modder's name.
  11. There are so many mods, some big, some small. Every player will have their own preference as to how it's all arranged. But whichever way the menus and modding content are arranged, it really doesn't take very long to get used to them. It's not really that difficult and I dare say that Banished players are a little smarter (and more patient) than your average gamer. That comment isn't supposed to support one view or the other and isn't directed at anyone in here, it's just a comment. Some people don't care who made what. They just want to play. That's fine. But guess what? Modders are real people here on BL and also over at WOB. If you know who made your favourite buildings you can talk to them, thank them, give them suggestions and ideas for future mods or improvements for existing mods. Making content anonymous does kill the whole community aspect of modding.
  12. I love those mushrooms. Here's hoping for some herbs that look like herbs, too.
  13. Bonemeal and feather soup. Yum.
  14. I second this and I would like to see the same applied to CC too.
  15. There must be quite a few mods that will need to be changed to work with the new flags/limits. On top of that there is the new modular mod toolbar system to play with. Lots of fun for you.