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  1. Yeah, modding this game is a very good way to learn what you want to add to your own game. Every time you hit another modkit limitation... yeah... we could do that better.
  2. Another limitation. But most of us are use to that by now. It would be nice to have different sounds in spring and summer to give more of a distinction between those two seasons.
  3. Yeah that's what I suspected and it's a shame. No realistic glasshouses or water. And yet the game does have water that looks pretty good. Weird.
  4. Is it possible to have a semi-transparent texture in Banished? I don't mean one where half of it is transparent and half of it is opaque (like on trees). I mean the whole thing is partially transparent.
  5. Reflective isn't really the issue, it's transparency or semi-transparency. I asked Kralyerg about his glasshouse and he said he tried to make the glass partially transparent but the glass texture went from being totally opaque to totally transparent. There was no middle ground, it was one extreme or the other. Ideally you'd want a texture that is mostly transparent so you can see plants and workers inside, but you also want the glass to get some snow cover in winter. There are two greenhouse mods. Kral's is totally opaque and Red's is totally transparent. For it to really look good you need something in between but it seems that it can't be done. I don't know if materials can help, but I'm guessing they can't, because if they could then someone would have used them to make water that isn't opaque. But maybe I'm wrong? Imagine how good one of these would look in the game.
  6. Queenslanders... LOL But that would look good in your tropical maps. And then next time you can do mangoes and avocados. I really wanted to see a huge Victorian era glasshouse that has tropical fruit trees in it but apparently it's not possible to have glass that actually looks like glass. Sad.
  7. I really like that style. So any idea when 1.7 will be finished? A week? A month? Longer?
  8. Try reducing the number of builders to zero and then a bit later bring it back up to however many you want.
  9. Love that new market. I know I keep asking for more texture variants, but could you please please please make another version using one of your other roof textures, just for a bit more variety? Maybe something less rustic, like the roof seen on the coaching inn? This one looks great but having a couple of versions to choose from is always a good thing.
  10. Just changing those two roof textures makes it look like a completely different building. Even better than it was before.
  11. While you are thinking about traders, can we please also have a luxuries supplier in the same style as the food supplier, industry supplier, farm supplier, and dry good supplier? For some reason luxuries was the only one left out. And also maybe a plain old general trader in that same style? They look really good so it would be nice to have a full set.
  12. Not bad at all. But it looks like there should perhaps be a bit more space between the building and the boat landing area. As it is you come out that door and tumble down those steps into the river. A bit of a hazard. There would be a lot of activity in that area, lots of people movement and lots of crates, sacks, etc so it would make sense to make it a larger (and therefore safer) area. Maybe the part directly in front of the barn could be one level instead of steps? But it looks good. Couple of other minor points: the barn will be the heaviest part so it needs good support underneath. The steps should probably have another post in the middle, because that's a long span with what looks like no support underneath (Bouncy! or saggy ). I know those are niggly structural design points but things do look more convincing/realistic when you take those sorts of real-world construction issues into consideration. Whatever you end up doing with the final design, how about 2 different colour versions?
  13. So is that a door up there on the second storey of the weaver? I haven't used that weaver in a while (I generally build the waterwheel version) but from memory there is a boarded-up door on the roof, which sort of explains the crates and things. So now to bug you... Are they walking on your new leather/cloth roof to get at those crates? Are you going to increase the chance of death for weavers? Or maybe they just send the children out there on the roof to grab some cotton from one of those crates. I like the new flat awning/roof (the old version looked a bit strange with that upwards-sloping bit) but if you're keeping the crates perhaps part of it should be timber?
  14. When your pasture is full, instead of the animals being slaughtered they will be turned into a trade item that you can trade with. They produce no other resources.