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  1. They will use whatever fuel they can get their hands on. You can't stop them using firewood (unless perhaps there is a mod for that somwhere) but if you keep the wood choppers away from most of your housing and the bundling shed near your housing then they will probably use more fire bundles than firewood. On the other hand, market vendors will probably seek out firewood even if they have a closer supply of fire bundles. Market vendors tend to like to stock a variety of goods. Another option in CC is to turn logs into lumber and export that. Same value as firewood but it can't be used as fuel. Have you watched any of Biffa's videos?
  2. There is also this one, by Kralyerg: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/25-grassy-roads/
  3. The early let's plays (back from 3 years ago when the game was just released) were more min/max than anything else. But unfortunately the players that I saw weren't really that good at it. The other thing is there are no mods in those early games. I didn't watch that many so there might well be some good min/max games out there. Try looking at the older stuff if you haven't already.
  4. The textures for those plants were made by me, Kralyerg is doing the coding. The first batch of plants that you saw in megamod were the first test versions - not a final release. A new batch with more plants is being worked on but isn't ready yet. I'm guessing Kral left the old ones out so it's easier to put the new ones in.
  5. Yeah but what I mean is, I got a bunch of animals without even realising it and without even trying, just by clearing land. So if they are easy to come by, why would you want to build a dedicated building (Wild shepherd) and allocate a worker to it? The description for the wild shepherd building also says it can take a long time to find any animals, which is a little off-putting. Maybe some maps have more animals than others.
  6. You can trade them if you like, but there are a few buildings that you can't build unless you have some domestic animals. Stables, milking barn, animal pens are three that I can think of. It's fairly easy to find domestic animals just by clearing areas of forest. I can't really see how the wild shepherd building is needed. Maybe it depends on what sort of map you are playing.
  7. I wouldn't say that sex work is necessarily a crime (plus... it happened, and it still happens) but by pointing out the ages you just made it super creepy. A seedy tavern with a questionable name could be fun, but now I think I'll pass on the brothel.
  8. Don't worry, I realise exactly what you were objecting to. I had the same reaction.
  9. It could be something as simple as a puppet show in the village square. Happiness isn't really a problem (easy to provide) but more variety in buildings is always a good thing. I'm not against a brothel (and mods are optional, so those who don't like it don't have to use it) but as Kral said, how would it work?
  10. DX11 here. Win7 64bit, 8gig ram. Not a super-powerful machine by modern standards. Wasn't even very powerful when I got it. Banished is installed on an SSD but the funny thing is the SSD doesn't make much difference at all to load speed compared to when I had Banished on a normal hard drive. And yet minimising the game makes a huge difference. And I'm not alt-tabbing as such. Just tapping the windows key. Not that that should make any difference.
  11. AMAZING! Normal load time for me is somewhere between 5 and 6 minutes. Minimise Banished and it loads in 1 minute. No megamod for me, just CC and other stuff. How is this possible? And is there a catch? My save game took the normal amount of time to load. Everything looks normal. This seems too good to be true!
  12. I've had a browse through the new stuff. Too much for me to take in all in one session but someone might like to take a look at the eaves on some of those new houses, and also the smoke point on the tower house thingy. Someone in the basement of that tower is doing something they shouldn't! Thanks for the update. I think it's gonna be fun.
  13. That was quick. Now if we have new limits/flags the fun should really begin. I hope the update won't kill my current game. EDIT: Nope... no update for me. It's an optional beta.
  14. There are a few mods that give you more stone and wood. Despite what I wrote earlier I do actually use one of those, but not because I want more resources. I use it because it makes the forester and herbalist radius much bigger. I like big woodlands. I wish there was a version that just doubled the forester/herbalist radius without touching the resources. But there isn't. I don't remember ever seeing a mod that gives you less resources from each tree/rock.
  15. There are many different ways to play this game. Some like it hard, some like it easy. I do agree that generally it takes very little effort to build many buildings and that's not just a CC thing, that applies to just about all mods. I'd love it if someone went and made a mod that made every building cost twice as much in terms of materials and also construction labour, but that would be such a huge job that I don't expect anyone to ever actually do it. Too much time and effort to make such a mod, and I'm guessing that very few people would actually want to use it.
  16. Many Bannies died to bring us this screenshot. Totally worth it.
  17. Sound like you just invented walmart - or something similar. 10 new limits isn't very many at all. When it comes to sorting out the dry goods mess it might be a good idea to have some very general categories, because the more specific they are, the quicker they will all be used up - possibly with very little benefit. Another approach is to think about what can be done with these new categories. What are the buildings that we don't have have now but we would like to see in the game? What categories can be created to make those buildings happen? One possibility is a cafe/restaurant. At the moment we have taverns that serve alcohol and luxury food and we also have a coffee house that also serves alcohol and luxury food. Can this be fixed? I don't know how flags work exactly so I can't say for sure. Another possibility is a homewares store that generates happiness. Houses can't consume anything except firewood so perhaps that can be fixed by having the villagers buy candles and furniture and pots & pans at a homewares store. Can that be done? Whatever these new limits get used for, 10 limits would be much more useful if we had 20 or even 30 new flags.
  18. It's going to cause problems though, if different mods have completely different categories for these custom limits. You could easily end up with trade livestock and chocolate cake both being in the same group, coming from two separate mods.
  19. I see. The old buildings would make a good separate CC add-on module. That way those who want them (and that includes me) can have them but everyone else can just use the current buildings.
  20. That would all be very nice. I've thought a bit about stuff that I'd love to see in Banished 2 and clothing that changes with profession was definitely on my list. But I'll take it one step further. Different models for different professions. I'd love to see the miners and blacksmiths get bigger (stronger) if they stay in the job for a length of time. I'd love to see cooks get fat and I'd love to see old people who actually look old. At the very least I hope their hair might turn grey or white with age. I know that would probably eat into performance, but it would be such a huge improvement over Banished. Perhaps as an optional extra? Please do give this some consideration. Apart from visual differences I'd also like to see them get better at their job the longer they stay at it. So a blacksmith with no experience would be able to make basic tools but after a few years he or she might be able to make better tools and other more complicated stuff. A teacher might be able to teach faster with more experience and a farmer might be able to get a slightly bigger harvest. A trader who has been in the job for longer might be able to get a better price for goods bought and sold.
  21. So start a new topic for what you would like to see and then all the other modders can join in. Or just do it right here in this thread. Mods needs to stay compatible with one another. There has to be some group discussion and consensus. I'm not a modder so I don't know how it all works, but it occurred to me that flags and limits are not the same thing. Protein, fruit, grain, and vegetable are all flags, but food is the limit they are associated with. And food is also a flag, yes? So how many new flags will Banished be getting? And can we possible have more??!! Because I'm sure we'll want them.
  22. At the very least, a "decorative items" button on the vanilla toolbar would be great. Lots of decorative items are getting plonked in the town services submenu, because really there is nowhere else to put them. It would be nice if they had a proper home of their own. Another button for "themed sets" on the vanilla toolbar would also be good. Then Red, Kid, Discrepancy and everyone else who releases a fairly large mod could put their mod on that menu. This would keep the basic toolbar much cleaner. And then they can then all fight it out for who gets first spot.
  23. I don't even know what the compatible buildings mod is, but congrats on getting it sorted.
  24. How many years did that take? I hope for everyone's sake that the crop you started out with wasn't cabbage.
  25. Looks like there might be a CC1.8 after all. Or at least a 1.75. I wonder how long it will take Luke to release the update.