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  1. I have CC1.7 and whatever the current version of NMT is. It's been a while since NMT changed. CC on top. Are you using any other mods that have pastures? Kid made one (or more) and I think the newest DSSV beta has a pasture too. I haven't actually used that version, so I'm not sure if it has one or not. Having two versions of CC should not be necessary. Maybe you could list your mods here, in order?
  2. I'm pretty sure 1.6 plus NMT had all those cows. Friesians and beef cows are from CC, cows and milky cows are NMT (I think). I'm using both mods in my current game. I have two pastures with Friesians. No crashing. Are you using any other mods with pastures? DSSV beta?
  3. Materials is certainly a big category at the moment. Would it really take 7 to fix it? Maybe you should ask Luke for 20 lol. I'd suggest separating alcohol from luxuries. Make a separate luxury food flag, so then you can have food that give happiness (restaurants). Luxury goods (jewellery) could be sold at shops to give happiness. The weirdness that is "honey" could also be fixed. Honey is basically sugar - not grain, not protein, not fruit, and not any combination of those either. A non-nutritious food flag could be handy. Keeps you from starving but doesn't keep you healthy. Jam, cake, sugar could all go in that group, along with water.
  4. Really? I had no idea. I thought food was food and that was that. But every time I buy in 1000 lemons they all seem to disappear quick smart.
  5. Completely unrelated to this topic, but when I have too much stuff I trade it for expensive foods. Well, usually for the exotic fruits which only cost 2, but that's still twice the price of normal food. And for some strange reason my villagers seem to gobble up the imported fruits in preference to the normal ones. They must really like lemons and limes and mangoes.
  6. Now that 1.7 doesn't have road-buildable trees I find those road tiles a pest. You can only build ghost trees on them and some of the ghost trees don't sit in the centre of the tile, they sit on the edge, meaning you get a tree that either sits half on the road or grows out of the wall of the building. Not good. One road tile is probably enough, if you feel the need to show the player where the door is. But is that even necessary?
  7. And lastly a row of rose bushes at the village market. Most of my plants come in several colour variants so you can do things like this without it looking monotonous. There are a couple of clumps of mixed flowers in there too. They were a gamble. Before I saw them in game I though they might turn out horrible, but they aren't too bad at all.
  8. This was the first time I've ever built something that resembles an actual garden. Well, the second time if you count my herbalist's garden, but that one was very different to this one. I love the new washing fountain from CC1.7. Also shown here are Discrepancy's agapanthuses. I'm very much looking forward to more plants from him, along with an update to DSSV.
  9. Your first guess is the closest. It's levitating through the wall! The local cleric wants to do an exorcism!
  10. Another one that I forgot last night. This one's for @ShockPuppet. One of the sacks on the new dry goods trader is doing something rather peculiar and unnatural. Could you also put the old versions of the traders in the old buildings menu or offer them as F variants? Sometimes you want more than one of each and variety is always a good thing.
  11. Another little bug. The old (pre 1.7) dairy texture looks weird. I haven't built it but on preview half the building is showing as black.
  12. One more little thing I noticed. The new female marble statue (at least I think it's new in 1.7) is available as a normal statue but isn't available as a ghost.
  13. It seems this thread has become a bug report thread, but that's not what I intended it to be. General impression now that I have played a bit... it's good. But then again... was anyone seriously expecting 1.7 to be anything else? I guess there are two opposite ways to play Banished: town builder going for maximum population and building density, or town painter, going for maximum beauty. And yes, obviously you can be somewhere in between, too. As someone who does a lot of decorating/landscaping I like that the decorative items have been cleaned up and that just about everything is now offered as a ghost item. It must have been a tedious job but it was worth it. I will be plopping some of those nice big greenboy trees in my pastures. It gets hot out there! Cows want some shade too! This might sound silly but one of my favourite new things (so far) are the ghost reeds. It was sooooooo stupid that you couldn't place reeds on true water tiles but you could place them in the middle of town. Now they can go anywhere. Love it. There are certainly some beautiful new buildings in 1.7. I haven't gotten into the new shack buildings yet but I very much like the new town smithy and bakery. Actually, the sharp texturing on some of these new buildings is so good it's making some of the older buildings look a bit tired. The central market, for example. It's always been my favourite market building, but put that new bakery next to it and suddenly the textures on the central market warehouse look like a watercolour painting. Not bad, just noticeably fuzzy compared to the newer stuff. So Shock, your texturing skills have certainly advanced to a whole new level with 1.7. Good stuff, and thank you.
  14. Hoping for an update for 1.7, so that beautiful new bakery can start baking some yummy carbs.
  15. It's very true that you can get stuck with a building that you can't yet supply. I guess knowing which buildings you are ready for and which ones you aren't is a trial and error learning process. But you can always save your game before you build something, or check out the wiki to see what you need to make the products you want to make. Not ideal solutions perhaps, but that's about all we have. Apart from that I quite like the building supplies/homewares system. It's a clever workaround to one of the many limitations built into the game. Modding has taken Banished well beyond what the creator ever imagined it would be.
  16. Your new pine trees (nice, by the way) aren't offered as ghosts and neither are the groundcovers. Not sure if that was intentional or an oversight but I'm hoping they might turn up in the next patch. Also, that really spready groundcover with the roundish leaves would look great as a water plant if you made a version that sat at water level. Bamboo would also look great growing on creek banks if you made another version that was a little lower (unless it already does extend lower than ground level - I only thought of that just now and haven't actually checked in game). And then of course there are the water lilies, which really should be at water level. That would be very cool. And if they were pink or white (or both) that would be even cooler. We only have reeds for water plants and the lakes need some loving.
  17. Thank you so much for that, it's very much appreciated. The birdsong is a very nice addition to the game, and now I can hear the frogs and other sounds again.
  18. OK, thanks. But when you flatten it yourself near water it ends up looking very blocky because the flatten tool flattens a perfect square but a tree didn't use to do that. But having two sets would be a bit ridiculous considering the number of decorations on offer. I also noticed that only ghost decs can be built on roads now, so obviously someone has been cleaning up the decorations system. Very glad to see that all of the trees now available as ghosts. After playing some more the birds are driving me crazy. I used to have ambient sounds on 10 but now I have them on 3, which means I hear almost nothing of the other ambient sounds. Please consider making the birdsong optional.
  19. A quick question: what are the fruit tree foresters for? Are they making wood or fruit or both?
  20. OK I looked again and I still can't find the old texture versions of the chandlery or glassmaker. They aren't appearing ass F variants and they aren't in the old buildings set. Please tell me where they are hiding. Also, there is a graphical glitch with the old town market, at one end (and only one end) on the eaves. Also also... normal town trees (not ghost trees) aren't flattening the ground. They float if you build them on a slope near water. This would actually be a good thing if the trunks went lower than ground level, so then they wouldn't flatten but they wouldn't float either. But it wouldn't work with trees that have a ring of roots modeled at their base.
  21. I must have missed them, will have another look. I did see more buildings in the "old buildings" themed set but I can't remember exactly what was in there. After playing for about an hour I do find your bird noises a bit too loud, and strangely they are loudest around buildings. I thought you mentioned that they are a forest noise? If I go into the forest there are other bird noises (from vanilla game, I think) but if I go back to town the bird song really ramps up a notch. The problem is if I turn the ambient sounds down so the birds are quieter I don't hear much of the other ambient sounds. They even drown out the music quite a bit. They are nice, don't get me wrong. But maybe they should be a bit quieter or perhaps a standalone mod so people can decide whether to use them or not. Or can we have a mod that restores the original ambient sound set? Maybe that would be easier.
  22. I'm guessing there will be a 1.71 soonish. Could you please add back in the old textures for buildings like the glassmaker and chandlery? I'm not saying the new ones are bad, just that it's nice to have a choice. Also the inn and garden. An F variant of the previous version would be nice, preferably without the ground texture which always looked a bit stretched and blurry. Or maybe old versions of buildings should be an add-on pack?
  23. Yeah, modding this game is a very good way to learn what you want to add to your own game. Every time you hit another modkit limitation... yeah... we could do that better.
  24. Another limitation. But most of us are use to that by now. It would be nice to have different sounds in spring and summer to give more of a distinction between those two seasons.