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File Comments posted by elemental

  1. Had second thoughts about this. A cheese cave is really for ageing cheese, not making it. Ageing items doesn't work in the game. I suppose a cheese cave could turn cheese into hard cheese and blue cheese, but would anyone actually want that? Probably not. Same with a wine cellar. Wine simply gets "made", it doesn't need to be aged.


    I haven't tried this one yet but I really like the idea of a mushroom farm/cellar as a use for an abandoned mine. Good thinking. :) But maybe instead of a storage cellar it could be a wine cellar or cheese cave (or all 3). I vaguely remember reading that cheese was accidentally invented when some guy (a shepherd, I think) left some milk in a cave. Or was it blue cheese? I don't know if that's actually true.

    Milk + Salt = Cheese (please!)


    Edit: google says cheese caves are a real thing. Maybe you could make a cheese cave as a standalone mod? You know... when you run out of other things to do.  xD

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