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  1. Thanks for your fast replies! I'm afraid you're correct guys. Also, many thanks for your tips, some of them are new to me! I'll try the non edible mod and the distribution barn for sure Also couldn't explained the logistics better than you did there BuildHappy! I tried to tweak the resourcere/template/tradingpost.RSC adding some market code. (Trial and error, don't think i have any knowledge on modding ^.^ ) And despite it works as a market too, where citizens can take stuff from, it generates a conflict: - The mechant there works fine, picking stuff from other places to fill the desired trading post levels, and taking out what exceeds the desired stock. Problem is when there's already some stock in trading post, the merchant tries to keep refilling it with the trading's post current stock. making an infinite loop. If some one has the solution for that would be great... but I guess that the part that should be moddified is "harcoded" *sniff* (Just in case cause my english is horrible, i'll put an example: Merchant goes somewhere to pick 45 wood, drops it into the tradin post, and the next step to keep refilling the trading post is not to go somewhere to pick the wood, but it takes the wood directly from the trading post to drop it again... the loop only breaks if the worker goes to home for eating and has wood at a shorter distance than the trading post) In any case, thanks for the tips!
  2. Greetings, I've read some post asking about how the different markets work. In fact i had some issues trying to get my logistics work as i expected. So an idea came to my mind; It could be possible to make a copy of a trading post (like the storage that have a merchant assigned) but let the citizens to collect goods from there and assign it a radius like a market does? This would make markets so customizable. Players would be able to set up what quantities/types of food/goods to storage and also prevent to stock the food that one wants to keep to process (like flour). I used the search button but could not find a similar suggestion. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all, My name is Roger and I played Banished for some time, I really love i!t and i was so excited when I discovered Colonial Charter Mod too! You guys have done a really god job Right now i'm trying to figure out how to mod, so I guess i'll be reading this forum for some time since it seems so useful. If I ever manage to do one, even a small modification, will be because you insperd me! Thanks to all who worked in this amazing Mod! Cheers