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  1. hey guys, wasn't sure where to post this so i decided here might be the best place. i've managed to figure out how to put the mod program in but when i run buildresources.bat it only gives me the vanilla files & not files from the mods i'm using. is it supposed to do this or am i doing something wrong? is there a way to access the files from installed mods? thanks in advance saf
  2. would it be possible to put total population onto the general stats info box? could it be put with the 'number of adults/students/children' so that it reads as 'number of adults/students/children/total'
  3. hey guys, sorry i missed this until yesterday. my name is Scot (yes only 1 t ). i'm 42 going on 15 & i'm from nottingham, uk. i've been 'into' computers longer than some of you on here have been alive but didn't really get into the gaming side until i upgraded my spectrum+2a to an amiga 600 when i was about 16. it was at this point that i discovered the world of settlers3 & was instantly hooked. i stumbled on sid meiers colonization a couple of years later & found my latest addiction. i bought myself a copy of sid's civ:beyond earth when that was released in 2014 & introduced my sister to it not long after. we played together online until late last year when she decided that we needed a new game to play & started scouring steam for something we could play, which is how she stumbled upon & introduced me to banished & well........ game installed 13/1/18, at the time of writing this post (24/2/18) im upto 482 hours of game time & doubt it'll stop climbing anytime soon my only other 2 major addictions (games wise at least ) are sensible soccer 2006, another amiga kickback, & i'm also a massive GTA nut (3/vice/san andreas/4+liberty city & 5). i hate to think of how much of my life has been "wasted" running around the various citys doing absolutely nothing fyi, if i seem to ramble on (which i feel sure i do sometimes) then feel free to skip read through what i've written & just pick out the pertinent facts, or just ignore me totally if you prefer. i tend to do this because my use of the english language isn't always the best despite it being my 1st language, my brain works far too logically for grey areas of which there's far too many in this language of ours!! give me numbers to play with, i'm much happier i'm going to stop writing now (see comment above ) & i'm starting to get banished withdrawals. saf p.s. if my posts make no sense to you then feel free to say so. offending me isn't something that happens often.
  4. hey stiles, yeah i get how the 'logistics' of production works & i had noticed that my inventory list was getting longer & longer despite the fact i've not gotten too far into production as of yet, personally i don't really care if my inventory page ends up half a mile long, its in alphabetic order & scrolls with a simple roll on the mouse wheel if i'm totally honest i wasn't even trying to create more food, i was thinking of more buildings to make our citys look bigger/better estherhb, i had noticed that the tinneries look pretty good from your spreadsheet (again many thanks ) the problem i have with tinneries at the minute is that they use tin & that'd need me to actually start mining. spring 93, pop 420 & i dont even have coal yet i was looking into the modding side of the game myself but must be missing something as i cant figure out how to do it any pointers would be greatly appreciated. thanks again saf
  5. aha so it does, feel sure it didnt do that before cc. thanks saf
  6. another idea. would it be possible to put a "closing" button on schools to stop student intake without closing the school & losing the students already learning there? im assuming that its not possible to move students from 1 school to another.
  7. i'm not going to mention the few 'obvious' mods i'd like to see because i'm assuming that if they could be done then someone would have done them by now however, i do have an idea or 2 that might be implementable. would it be possible to have a population list? a list of your population "name/age/job/dob or creation in the case of nomads" maybe just attach new peeps to the bottom? i think it would be very useful for tracking population spread, eg that you have about 30 youngsters about to start school & need a new school or 2 to accommodate them all. my next few ideas. i think should be very 'easy' to do. i think we need more processable foods, so how about.. a food processing plant to produce baked beans, processed peas...... a cereal factory that uses wheat, rye, corn...... to produce cereal bars, breakfast cereals etc. just an idea or 2 totally addicted to the game & loving it. keep up the great work saf
  8. hi guys, not quite sure where to post this so i figured here is best what i'm looking for is a mod like the ridiculous storage mod, but without the extra storage capacity on stockpiles (maybe only have stockpiles at 2x?) i'd possibly be able to have a play with the storage mods myself & create what i'm looking for, if i had the slightest idea where to even start. any help or pointers on how to make mods myself would be greatly appreciated thanks saf
  9. thanks again, much appreciated. i'll post my sheet when i get round to doing it as i said i'm new to the game & loving it so it could well take me a while.
  10. hi guys, im new to the game & loving it. just found the production spread sheets & was wondering wether it would be possible to get a downloadable copy i can open in excel. i write alot of spreadsheets myself & would love to be able to have a "play" around with the layout. please dont take offence as i think the sheets are brilliant & you've saved me ALOT of work, but i've got loads of experience in doing "display" spreadsheets & should be able to make the layout & view alot more "user" friendly. i think i'll stop there because i'm rambling & i'll end up digging myself a big hole thanks in advance saf p.s. i'll happily upload my sheets when i've done them if anyone would like a downloadable copy