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  1. hi guys, not quite sure where to post this so i figured here is best what i'm looking for is a mod like the ridiculous storage mod, but without the extra storage capacity on stockpiles (maybe only have stockpiles at 2x?) i'd possibly be able to have a play with the storage mods myself & create what i'm looking for, if i had the slightest idea where to even start. any help or pointers on how to make mods myself would be greatly appreciated thanks saf
  2. thanks again, much appreciated. i'll post my sheet when i get round to doing it as i said i'm new to the game & loving it so it could well take me a while.
  3. hi guys, im new to the game & loving it. just found the production spread sheets & was wondering wether it would be possible to get a downloadable copy i can open in excel. i write alot of spreadsheets myself & would love to be able to have a "play" around with the layout. please dont take offence as i think the sheets are brilliant & you've saved me ALOT of work, but i've got loads of experience in doing "display" spreadsheets & should be able to make the layout & view alot more "user" friendly. i think i'll stop there because i'm rambling & i'll end up digging myself a big hole thanks in advance saf p.s. i'll happily upload my sheets when i've done them if anyone would like a downloadable copy