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  1. Yup in the Town Hall...the log limit in the limits window stays the same
  2. It seems to be when I use the flax gatherer. As soon as I build it, it needs limits raising so I do and it ups the log limit too. Doesn't affect tailors though, their limits stay the same which again is odd
  3. When I first noticed it happening, yes I built more houses thinking I needed them but then on checking the homes, I noticed even though the alert for more houses needed, they weren't actually needed at all it was just labourers who when assigned a job, became homeless....very odd. After a few plays on different maps I realised that I didn't need them at all and stopped building for these mysterious "homeless people" , it was simply labourers becoming homeless whilst gathering resources. When the labourers came back all was well, except 1 house which always initially for a few seconds had a family then as I watched within a few seconds the family vanish leaving just one person in the home. Besides which it gets to the point where no matter how many people or homes there is always this one person homeless usually a child. I just ignore him now lol. I'll try and get screen shots of the 1 child who's always hanging around and the full/empty house if it happens again.
  4. No I'm currently only using megamod. Tried various starting conditions not only the new ones and its still happening and these people are NOT mls away from their homes or anything like. There is always one house that becomes stuck with either no people or 1 person who keep disappearing and there is always 1 child left homeless no matter what I do. I demolish the house, reclaim it, it fills with a family, they then disappear and leave just 1 person in it...usually a child. I've never had this problem until the new mod. I could send people miles away and never had this homeless situation occurring. I've spent the day testing other starting conditions and done about 7 so far not just new ones but old CC ones and it is still happening, as is the problem below with logs & textiles ON another note....logs and textiles are linked for some reason. If I set my textiles limit to 3000 it applies automatically to logs too
  5. There seems to be an issue with the new starting conditions Peak Plains Peak Valley Harsh Plateau etc If I send labourers out to get stone or lumber, they become homeless !! Took me a while of continually building homes thinking I needed them before I realised that people were becoming homeless when working and houses were standing empty until they came back after collecting stone etc. Frustrating! And it seems there's always 1 child wandering around homeless no matter what I do Sorry I can't remember who modded these new lands & conditions
  6. Ok so.... In Red Ketchup's mods, the one labelled Druidic Order, there are 4 icons all tagged Hunter Cabin but they are all actually plants for some reason Other than that....still finding my way around it all !! And had to buy more memory lol