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  1. Thank you for your CC standalone mods, you rock!
  2. One can play some truly interesting games and visually pleasing layouts with a mix and match of CC docks, DS bridges and jetty, and Necora's Maritimes. Here is a small fishermen village of mine.
  3. Thank you very much for the suggestions. I will try all that when I have a chance and will keep you informed of the results.
  4. This is good to know, thank you very much! I was aware of the issue with Windows registry and made sure to start afresh. One mod at a time is definitely good practice and the way I go. The game was running fine until I changed the starting conditions on a new map. Kralyerg provided far enough information to help me solve the problem so it should be very easy for me to fix my current game. I'll get back to you if I still run into problems after cleaning the registry but it should be okay.
  5. Thank you guys for all the replies, I'm very grateful indeed for your help. The reason why I'm still using very old mods is that I was afraid to loose some features I loved very dearly before the 1.0.7 update. Also, and until very recently, I never played CC/MM and I had no idea some of their many features are overlapping some of my favorite oldies but goodies.
  6. @Kralyerg : Thank you very much for your explanation and the numbers attached to each modded roads, this is priceless! It's a shame vanilla dirt road takes precedence on all modded roads but I understand this something that can't be changed. Your detailed explanation will be of great help for my next games, I've learned my lesson not to ever build a vanilla road again in a modded game.
  7. Yes, I noticed my reserves were full just by looking at the stockpiles but was surprised I did not get any warning message. The issue is that resources that are being dropped on the floor due to lack of storage will disappear after some time. Warning message is useful to avoid such a waste of resources.
  8. I believe it was both of them.
  9. Ok, I will remove all ressources before to lay down a road in MM8.
  10. It is turned ON (highlighted), just like the other warning messages.
  11. The road has been built but the stone was not removed. It is still here and can not be removed. I do remember it's a bug in the vanilla version but I can not recall how to reproduce it, nor to avoid it. I would like to now how I can prevent this to ever happen again.
  12. Please forgive me if I'm mistaken but in Banished vanilla I don't recall I had to destroy dirt roads to upgrade them to stone. When playing MM8, DS roads will not upgrade unless I destroy the vanilla dirt road underneath. Is this a normal feature ?
  13. I searched the forum but no result was returned so please bare with me if this idea has been submited before. I believe it would be quite easy to have a variant in shape of triangle to draw diagonal roads, wouldn't it ? Discrepancy managed to make a diagonal truss bridge, would it be possible to have more bridges with a diagonal variant ?
  14. It seems I never got the "Storage is full" alert when I play with MM8 (latest build) and a few other mods (none of them are altering how storage works). I searched the forum but no result was returned so please bare with me if this issue has been raised before.
  15. While waiting for a fix you might just want to store them in your trading post.