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  1. I'll just remove it. Thank you for letting me know.
  2. Hello, I just downloaded the Maritimes Pine Set and every time I go to the Pine Forestry Tower, the game crashes. There is a note on the Pine Set page that says: New Flora = In order to use both New Flora and the Pine Set, you need to use the Flax Patch and New Pine Flora patch. Put these two, and New Flora, above the Pine Set in your load order. I have searched everywhere for the patches and can't find them anywhere but even if I did, it says to put the patches and New Flora above the Pine Set. If New Flora is included in MM8, how would I put them in the load order? Sorry, I'm just confused. Help!
  3. Hello all and thank you for all the hard work on the awesome mods. I have a question regarding the flowers. When you say that they will spawn by trees, does that mean that they will be more controlled and not overwhelming my entire map? I have to be honest, I do think they are very pretty but they just cover everything and it's extremely irritating. I can't even see roads. They just keep taking over my banished world Is it possible to make it optional?...again, I do think they are really pretty but seeing nothing but flowers is a bit much.