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  1. guys, i appreciate all the enquiries, suggestions and help given thus far, but I am happy with mm6 just want to add some different starting conditions. Is anyone able to help me with this?
  2. doesn't show up in the mod box on banished for some reason. didn't even think about it when i tried out mm8
  3. @Ketchup crashed on first use!
  4. Only had mm8 enabled
  5. does it go in the windata file?
  6. I be using 1.0.7, so no clue. It worked well for a while but over the weekend it's been one long run of crash. I've cleared out the cache (man was there a lot of junk in there), removed all the mods then uninstalled the game. Reinstalled the game plus mm8 but no change. So deleted mm8 installed mm6 and have had no crash dumps since.
  7. Mm8 keeps crashing on me so I've had to return to mm6. The only downside to this for me is the lose of map choices. Are there compatible mods I can put in with mm6 as those I've tried don't work? On a random note are there bears in the game somewhere? Cheers for the mods they're fab.😊
  8. Could someone tell me the ratio of raw to produced foods. raw fish to dried fish I'm assuming this is a 1-1 kind of ratio but what is wheat to bread or various ingredients to tinned goods. I'm just intrigued how it all works.
  9. 1280x767 I'm actually using my t.v as my son broke my computer screen...
  10. Yay fabulous. Now showing up. I had no idea where to look for that. Read somewhere else about doing that but couldn't see how. Thank you.
  11. I've attached a screenshot of the food refining tab and as you can see there isn't a dairy present. What am I missing?
  12. Problem solved, I started a new game with different starting conditions and boom... bit of a bugger because I liked where I was playing but never mind.
  13. is there a dairy in the mega mod? i've searched all the tool bars and can't find one. There are recipes for things containing cheese and cream and without a dairy you can't get either. can someone tell me where it's been hidden please. It's not the most recent mega mod as that crashes on me for some unknown reason.
  14. It's in the food tab with hunters, gatherers etc. It's just labelled at New Food Gatherer. It appears as a yellow symbol.