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  1. @esterhb Im just curious, because i have 4gb ram unsused by the game the gpu and cpu is under 40% load , and gpu ram is also not full.
  2. Greatings, When I have the town hall overview open my fps drops from 90 to 25 always and it stays at 25 as long the window is opened or minimized to titlebar. Only with town arrival/hall overview. Is this a bug? All other ingame windows cause no problem in fps. FPS go back when the window is closed. Syrell
  3. @esterhb I cannot choose a crop to grow becuase the game crashes at the first click on the field. I will do a third reinstall but I can play with CC mod only, everything works fine. Dont know why it crases with emgamod
  4. @esterhb the normal vanilla crop field 8x15 , the last version of banished 1.07 and only megamod installed. I started a another map to check, and once reinstalled the game, same crash everytime. steamversion of the game
  5. I really like the MOD and appreciate the awesome work that u guys do! Atm I just play with CC because of the crash @esterhb when I click on a crop field the game crashes its not the white circles only. the window with the information about the field never appear, the crash happens on click. Mega Mod is the only mod I have installed when the problem happens in the right order.
  6. fatal error and gamecrash happens when u try to click the white circles