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  1. hmmm this might be the case with the ....hnnng....cookies.....soft warm cookies with gooey chocolate chips are tooooooo goooooooooooooood ahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  2. bingo. on a side note, unrelated to my thread here. but why in the hell do i return to this site to find myself logged out EVERY TIME I LOAD UP THE SITE? it's beyond frustrating! why can't i just keep myself logged in? ;w;
  3. so then could you not put a hill conforming road into the game that's marked as a building? like let's say make it be seen as a crop field but give the benefits of faster walking speed, ai following it to target destinations, etc??? you wouldn't need or want buildings like houses to build along the road on top of a hill anyway given how standard buildings don't conform to terrain and thus cause the area under the building and around the building to conform to IT rather than the other way around making the ground FLAT upon finishing any building in the first place. the benefit of the farms is that they don't force the terrain to become flat, so making it a "building" that conforms to the hill rather than JUST a road actually works in this situation. you get what i'm saying? granted this road would require work to build it rather than just placing the material down and BAM it's a road lol. so it would be more built like a BRIDGE that conforms to the terrain lol.
  4. awwww that sucks. I hope someone finds a way soon to allow hillside and mountainside following roads. like i said they did it with crops and pastures. i don't see why they couldn't do it for roads.
  5. Can this be done? I know that there is already a mod that allows you to place crop fields and orchards and hell even pastures on mountains and hills, but if you place them too high it can cause issues for farmers to get access to them. So I was wondering if there was a way to build roads that conform to the curvature to the mountains and hills like the pastures and crop fields can. Is there a mod already out there that allows this? because I've searched and haven't found any myself yet.
  6. i forgot about the canals!! thanks for reminding me about that!
  7. Is there a way to do this? I know I have a mod that lets me lower terrain and stuff but I was wondering if there was a mod out there that allowed you to build a tunnel connecting a lake to a river allowing trade boats to come through and thus dock at a trader in the lake? I have quite a beautiful looking map here with a river VERY close to a lake but there is a small mountainous hilly area separating them. And as I inquired about, I'd like to connect them via a tunnel to allow a boat through to the lake.
  8. and when you say the "next release" when will that be exactly?? Just curious :3
  9. So I saw in another location that the DSSV stranded with seeds setting was fixed to have the starting supplies actually spawn with the starting people. But I have yet to see that happen successfully. Is there yet a fix to this issue???