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  1. Once I had the same with fresian cows... Disasters were deactivated and I got no notification of anything, they just seemed to disappear outta nowhere. That was with MM RC2.
  2. Seems like you were right. I just added both the documents folder and the game folder to the list of exceptions and I can save again. Thanks a lot! Had Avira myself I while ago and never had problems with it... Maybe I should just revert back to that one^^
  3. That doesn't seem to be the problem. I've played all the time with the same antivirus (Kaspersky) running in the background. Also I just tried with turning it off, but I still get the same crash. What is also weird, is that only every second attempt to start the game it actually loads in the time I was used to. Like I start the game the first time and it seems to load infinitely, so I tab out and close it, restart and then it works as before. When I close the game then, it just does like the first time, takes like an infinite time to load, so I just close it and restart it again.
  4. Hey there, I know that crashes seem to be a frequent topic for various reasons but I haven't found anything on that so far, that's why I'm asking here. Don't even know whether it's a typical Banished thing or MM related, but here we go... So the thing is, the crashes when I try to save or the game tries to autosave the current map I'm playing on. Haven't had any problems with other maps so far. Here are some details: Mod list: MM RC3 one year is one year SeasonalFX BetterRain Current map: [CC] Lake Waters Small map Mild weather no disasters [CC] Nuevo Arbol Lite - Adam & Eve start Just playing for like 20-30 years (lol), got around 20 bannies and I guess that's it. Do you guys need the dump file as well? It's just with this save tho, haven't had any problem like this before. Some infos on my computer as well, if you need it: Windows 7 64 bit 16GB RAM GeForce GTX970 Intel Xeon E3 @ 4x3,4 Ghz
  5. Here's a tiny mistake I just found, dunno if you're already aware of that, anyway it's just a li'l typo:
  6. Aw crap, you're right! Didn't think of that actually, it really did reset back to DX9, so switching back to DX11 did the trick both for loading times and frame rate. So now everything is back to normal, thanks
  7. Yay, update! Thanks a lot first of all. Wanted to let you guys know that somehow it takes a lot longer for the game to start now with MM RC3 than it did bevore with RC2. At least for me. I know that loading times were discussed before and that it will just take some good amount of time to start up and get to the main menu but I'm just wondering. While RC2 took me like, let's say 1-2 minutes, RC3 now takes at least 3 times as much time to start up. EDIT: And I also just noticed that the over all performance is way worse than before now I loaded my old save I made with RC2 and now with RC3, if I zoom out a bit, frame rate starts to drop to like 10-15 FPS, while before this had little to no impact
  8. I do get the concept of "all's just one single town", don't get me wrong. Didn't know how to explain it other than "I got several villages", since that's how it looks like (and is meant to be, no matter the game logic behind). Glad to hear though, I'm not alone in this. Guess I'll try and see how I can manage with vendors and depots when my population grows a bit bigger. Thanks for the input!
  9. Of course, that I know. Don't want anyone to do the impossible, just wanted to find ways to make transportation easier/faster for said scenario.
  10. I see, thanks. Too bad though, that's the only thing I'm kinda missing in the game. Could I effectively use the barns you mentioned as sort of intermediaries for goods between my villages, so the village that produces it can store it there and the town that's using it can grab the stuff without having to go all the way to the other village? Or would there be something else specialized in this task?
  11. Hi all, I like playing on large maps and currently my bannies are dispersed over the map, like I have the main town and smaller settlements all around for specific tasks (like a miner's village, a farmer's settlement etc). Transporting all the goods from those tiny villages to my main town takes a lot of time and since I'm quite new with the MegaMod, I haven't discovered all the possibilities yet. But I wanted to ask you guys if there is anything to provide a faster and more convenient transportation method? For example, one of my villages is near the main river, like the other, so it would be nice to like ship goods between those settlements over the river. I heard of the ChooChoo mod included in the MegaMod but I haven't tried it yet. And also river transportation would suit the style better imho (my bannies are not so advanced yet ).
  12. Hey everyone, I'm usually not very talkative and mostly just creep around forums and read stuff, but I thought, since I'm new here and for a fresh start, I'd introduce myself. I'm an Informatics student from Germany and I love many different games from Banished (of course) over Elder Scrolls and Fallout to Serious Sam, Command & Conquer and back to the ANNO series. With Banished I started back in the days of 2014, but it didn't last long. Some months ago I gave it another go and now I'm somewhat addicted. As I knew that there are Mods for this game, I decided to lurk the Nexus sites a bit. Eventually, I stumbled upon CC and the MegaMod and I wanted to know more aaaaand that's basically how I ended here. Now I'm playing with MegaMod and I'm still a bit overwhelmed sometimes, so you may expect some questions from me in the future. I might try modding myself one day (already got experiences with modding Gothic and The Elder Scrolls games as well as general programming knowhow due to my studies and hobbies).