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  1. Thanx for the answers !! The mine is not available at all just a dead image. So will have to leave as is.
  2. OK got that but mine was depleted and now cannot access the mine at all !!!
  3. I have depleted Stone and salt mine. All workers removed but cannot reclaim the land. How to do this please ?
  4. Thanx for the help guys. I managed to stream banished from another pc, I then closed it on problem pc and reset all mods !!!! This seemed to get the system working. I am now running new frontier and all is working ok. The suggestions are really useful for the future.
  5. I have not used Banished for long(2weeks) have just installed via steam on new machine and decided to choose the 'Journey' mod now banished crashes. Attached are the crash dump files and error message. Cannot get into Banished to diable these mods so now cannot play game at all. How do I fix this? crash.dmp