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  1. Thank you It surely would be great to do some standalone Starting Conditions in the future.. I'd love it, no doubt.
  2. Hello again! After a really long time trying everything possible and impossible, I've decided to give up on both MM and CC (untill I get better PC), because even if I do manage to run some version, it's laggy for me and my machine is overheating (old crap, nvm). But I got an idea to go around and gather just few mods, few pieces I've seen in CC and liked alot. I've got almost all I wanted now but I'm missing one important thing - I really liked the new terrain types (like verdant plains, lakes etc.) and starting conditions. Is there any way to get those standalone from the whole CC bundle? Thank you for any tips.
  3. @Ketchup Thank you, I will try that when I get home. @krinius That's the funny thing - I can run Banished in both DX9 and DX11 but CC 1.75 ONLY in DX11, won't load in DX9 Tell me about stubborn machines denying all assumptions I actually run many games in DX11, I've been always surprised myself how much this crappy old graphic card can handle. But yes, I do accept the possibility it's an insufficient hardware problem. I will try last few fixes offered and if nothing works, I'll just settle for CC for now. I'm planning to buy new and better PC this year, anyway.
  4. @KevinTheCynic I tried re-download, still the same result. I will try the earlier version of MM, if it will work. Other than that I've tried pretty much every fix I've found when searching for d3d11.dll error, including manually replacing the file (that caused some troubles to my OS so I had to restore the whole sytem after that "fix"). Nothing worked, sadly @Ketchup My graphic card is quite a crap, I know that, but I was able to run most of the games with it (even newer ones with lowered details), it's NVIDIA GeForce 210, though I don't know the particular specifications (I've kinda inherited this machine ). Drivers are up to date (at least so says the update tool, should I try to look for the latest version manually and reinstall it just to be sure?), I'll try the DX11 re-installation now. Thank you for more solution tips.
  5. So the result so far is, that I can run CC in 64x in DX11 but when I try to run megamod the same way, game won't even run (even though the megamod is not enabled yet, I just put the files in directory and run the game and got the error before even loading the menu).
  6. OK. 1) Game files are ok, I tried to reinstall the game just to be sure, didn't help. 2) It is v1.0.7 3) Tried both DX9 and DX11, as soon as I try to enable the megamod and game reloads, the same error occurs for both DX9 and DX11 4) Vanilla Banished is working ok, tried CC 1.75, again both in DX9 and DX11, not working. Only the filename in error message is different now. It's either VideoDX9-steam-x32.dll or VideoDX11-steam-x32.dll, respectively. EDIT: 5) Next thing I tried was running the game in 64x instead 32x. CC mod loaded succesfully, but loading new map again gave me the crash (VideoDX9-steam-x64.dll) EDIT2: 6) Tried the 64x in DX11 and holly cow it seems working! I'm going to try this with megamod too and see what happens.
  7. Alright, here's the overview of my problem and steps taken so far: 1. Downloaded the megamod 2. Extracted the files to WinData directory 3. Run the game, enabled megamod (all 3 parts in required order), game was reloading 4. After 15 minutes of black screen I gave up, closed the game, deleted megamod files, vanilla game running ok 5. According to an advice here, I gave it one more try, put megamod files in the directory, run the game 6. Game crashed with following errror: A fatal access violation has occured in d3d11.dll and the game cannot continue. 7. After searching for some fixes myself, I restored my OS and tried to run the game again, it loaded just normally, in vanilla version. 8. Enabled megamod in menu, game reloaded, everything looked fine, menu had modded features 9. Tried to start new map (Small Verdant Plain map, El Dorado Easy conditions) 10. Map was loading (with black screen) for 10 minutes, then the error of d3d11.dll popped up again. 11. Closed the game, tried to run it again. 12. Game was loading for 10 mins (with black screen), then the error popped up, again, so now I can't even run the game. Any ideas what's going on and how to fix it?
  8. I'm not using nor have placed any other mods. The rar file with mods downloaded fully, I'm sure of that (otherwise it couldn't even get extracted, could it?). Anyway I've tried few things myself in the meantime and finally after using system restore tool, the game gets loaded. I've enabled mods in the menu and now the game is reloading (which might take a reeeeally long time as I understood), so lets see what happens next and if I can finally make it work EDIT: Yaaay mods loaded! EDIT2: But new map doesn't seem to be loading. Black screen again. Maybe it just takes time too? EDIT3: No, new map won't load. After 10 minutes of black screen the well know error message popped up again. Please help...
  9. Alright so I wanted to give the megamod one more try. I placed the files back to the WinData directory and run the game. Black screen. After some time an error message popped up, it was something like "a fatal access violation has occurred in d3d11.dll and the game cannot continue. A crash dump has been saved". So what now? Never seen this error before, do I need to reinstal the game or is there any easier fix? EDIT: Ok, I'm a tiny bit impatient so I've already tried to reinstal the game. If I try to run it without placing the mod files, everything is normal. If I place the mod files in the folder and run the game, the error mentioned above occurs again.
  10. I already tried giving it like 10 minutes but alright, I'll try to give it even more and see what happens. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I have an issue, could somebody help? I downloaded the RAR, extracted all three files in the WinData directory, then I start the game and try to enable the mods in the menu. They are all red, but that should be ok due to previous comments. And here comes the problem. As soon as I click OK and the game starts reloading, it gets stuck. Just black screen. Even after several minutes nothing happens so I have to close the game manually. Tried it few times, always the same result. What's wrong? Game version is 1.0.7 so should be compatible. EDIT: Now I can't even start my game, previous times when I manually closed it and started it again, it started normally (and with the mods disabled). Now when I tried to start the game, I get stuck at the same black screen as with the reloadings before. Seems I'll have to remove the files from directory to be even able to run the game...Please help