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  1. 8.1, latest banished version, only other mod is "1 Year = 1 Year" placed above MM8.
  2. Not sure if this has been fixed or reported yet but the "DS Housing and accommodation" tents are causing crashing, specifically when it comes to upgrading from the small tents to the warmer tents, maybe something to do with the 'bare bones' construction stage of the building? The crashes happen without failure during the upgrading process just after the resources have been delivered.
  3. Sorry in advance if I'm just being a bit thick but can anyone tell me what scale they use for building their buildings? I assumed it was 1-1 in Blender but the tutorial from WOB I was following did an "Oops, we made a mistake" and altered the scale of the building after the fact, shrinking it by a percentage amount which obviously throws that 1-1 scale right out of the window. I've been wanting to get on with a little project I've decided to call "Major's Victorian Slum" but I'm a bit lost for getting the scale right if the only tutorial I can find doesn't set out the scale it uses clearly. You know, if I'm not just being thick again. EDIT: Turns out I WAS being a little thick if this other tutorial I found is anything to go by, you make the model at the normal 1 unit - 1 block scale, then size it by 0.66 units to get the correct scale in-game.
  4. They had to cut the school budget and combine students from both sides of the river, obviously. ;P
  5. Would it be possible to make a market that uses a parent building's radius similar to how the NMT forest centre works? This would be fantastic for service single purpose areas, such as foresting districts or clothing production lines.
  6. [EDIT] I am an iron tool it seems, can this be moved to the questions and help forum? Not sure if this is the proper place for it but how do you make use of the vegetable garden starting conditions? I wind up with nothing I can plant, so what makes it different from the regular hard starting condition? Aside from a different number of bannies.
  7. Thank goodness, my bannies can stop going barbarian on their little petals. Do we have a release ETA at the moment?
  8. I would like to point out that you guys have successfully programmed pretty little virtual cancer that is turned into perfume. =D
  9. Well, we'd better do something about this, it's only a matter of time before bannies start fall through the floor... or the whole thing topples over. I feel it would be funny to make an actual leaning tower though, hehe.
  10. So they ARE groundskeepers then? ;P I can only imagine that's where they're finding all that junk, hehe. Why does the centre have that job, by the by?
  11. Not sure if this has been said anywhere but the tower house apartments in the stone building category has a serious issue in that the second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth (Only four shown here, was getting too tall.) houses don't overlap properly with the first floor (Ground for Americans) building, service buildings, or the hostel. Take note how the deco-roof lines up properly with the first floors. I used dirt roads to ensure everything overlapped on the same 'tiles' as well, so it's not offset by one tile.
  12. From my experience they seem to be caretakers, they'll wander around and occasionally turn up some resources. I'm guessing they'll move stuff too since they grab what they turn up every now and then, although it might just be them being unable to find anything else to do.