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  1. No what I'm saying is by default it is set to 2 for the Wild Gatherer. I believe this should be set to 4 and be lowered by the players discretion. Similarly with the Dock Fishery starting at 4 apposed to 1.
  2. So I recently kept on trying to make a functional settlement on a lake using the dock theme buildings and no matter what I did as soon as I moved them away from the land starvation set in. I had multiple Dock Fisheries and Dredgers however it still wasn't enough. They didn't even have enough time to build the rice and chicken farms by the time they started starving. If anyone has done this before I would love some input on what methods you used to do this as bayou is said to be Easy. Also other things I noticed was that there is a lack of storage for materials such as Stone, Iron and other Materials. Another thing I noticed (sorry if this is part of the dock workshop) is that I saw no way for them to make Rope or Clothing and so I fear that they will freeze to death and also not be able to upgrade their houses into residencies. I plan on making a fully functional settlement completely separated from the land and able to produce all the goods they would require by themselves. Obviously some things would only be acquirable by trading.
  3. I have been playing all different maps and have noticed that the default slots of certain things isn't set to what the captions state they maintain. The Wild Gatherer (Upgraded from the Wild Shepard building) has a base capacity set to 2, whereas the caption states that it can hold up to 4 workers. The Dock Fishery starts with a base capacity of 1, the caption states it can hold 4 workers. I have noticed that the fishery will hold 4 people each if I manually set the capacity up to 4. I have no real way to test the Wild Gatherer however. I am simply sharing this information so the Mod Developer(s) know of this minor detail and can look into it, also to inform others of this. Sorry if this is in the wrong category.