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  1. Another couple of maps where all the lakes are joined by a water source.
  2. I like this map because all the lakes are realistically connected to a river or a smaller stream dividing the map up. Seed: 994070328 CC: Lake Waters, Very Large
  3. I'm running a settlement with both CC1.75 and RedKetchups Medieval Town active. When making any type of tool using either of the 2 blacksmith models available e.g. wooden tools, stone tools, rough tools, iron tools, they are produced without problem, get stored using the correct tool name and icon but as soon as a citizen collects one from storage they are shown as carrying "Steel" despite me not producing this type of tool and having no "steel tools" in storage or traders or anywhere whatsoever. All my citizens are like this. I have forced my settlement purposefully to run out of tools and then generate again but this doesn't solve the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm assuming it's a mod compatibility issue. *EDIT* PROBLEM SOLVED, the issue is with the Medieval Blacksmith from RK's mod, as soon as I deleted it my citizens were assigned with the correct type of tool.
  4. Hi Kralyerg thank you for the reply, Soooo taking into account what you have said in the above post could a new category called "currency" be created and coinage (guilder/pfennig) only be reassigned to it? I'm assuming the resource category "precious items" was newly created for CC mod as it doesn't feature in vanilla? Or does the game not allow for the creation of any more resource categories, so to speak... I know I could probably find the answer to these questions myself with a dabble in the mod-kit but I'm lazy and it's easier to ask yourself given your vast experience of modding the game. Thanks again.
  5. "No doubt you've discovered that loyalty is no longer the currency of the realm, as your father believes." "Then what is?" "...I'm afraid currency, is the currency of the realm." Not sure if this idea has already been suggested but would it be possible with modifications to the scripting for merchants to make a mod whereby they only accept Gold Guilder, Silver Pfennig, Gems or another form of currency for trading? This would of course make the game far more challenging for experienced players and would generate a focus for established towns on the production of currency for trade. I currently feel that although the production of guilder and pfennig is a nice addition to CC it's virtually useless as it's a mid-late game item that is completely undervalued at the trading post.
  6. Across a lake in the shadow of an old extinct volcano to the north your settlers haul ashore their boat in anticipation of fertile land to the south and the chance to prosper. Seed: 19912015 CC: Large Lakes (XL)
  7. Disorientated and lost in a labyrinth of waterways linking lakes and with the onset of winter your settlers pull their boat ashore and make camp. Seed: 646761670 CC: Large Lakes (XL)