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  1. Have a few more suggestions to add to the CCDocks mod. Or just as standalone would be good. The goal of course is to make a Docks only Village as independent as possible from needing land. Not sure if any can be done, but here are the ideas. Dock Mining - If they can dig clams and mussels out of the sea bed, why not iron, gold, silver, gems? Why not harvest rocks from the sea bottom as well? Dock Farming - I already mentioned Hydroponics type farming, like the Rice Bed and Reed Farm, why not veggies and ground fruits like blackberries, watermelon, other berries, and so on? You can even do orchards, be like potting a tree or trees. Dock Hunting - Can add the Hunting Blinds for duck meat and feathers, but also can hunt whales, use the meat and skin for clothes. I know there is whale hunting avail, but if it all is in one mod, or at least separate from current mod, be easier on conflicts, and adding to many mods to slow down computers. Dock Bakery, Dock fruit preservist (for the fruit farming mentioned above), Dock based waterwheel for grinding flour, why not? Pretty sure most everything available for land can be made for Dock Living.
  2. Ok, then, was just an idea. Hope my other idea, the Dock Veggie Patch, gets better response.
  3. Ok, but the canoe on fire was my daughter's suggestion. Let's forget that idea now. It wasn't my original idea of a dock burial building. How about that?
  4. The canoe on fire can't be done? Or the Burial Dock?
  5. For a true Dock Life experience, we could add a Burial at Sea option to replace a land cemetery. It would be a building, when a person dies, it immediately registers in the building as a single death (like the the cemetery) but no tombstone needed. It is understood that the dead person has been buried 'at Sea', so to speak. It will give the same comfort as a land cemetery. The list can auto update like the cemeteries, so that names stay on for maybe 5 years or so, then leave and give room for more to be added. You could have a small building for say, up to 20 names, a med building for more and a large, and so on. You could have maybe a small park-like setting in front, maybe some benches and a small stature or fountain, that can be used for idling, if you want them to idle there. And it could be made standalone, and or added to the CCDocks mod for those like me who find CC a bit too much for my old grandpa laptop, lol. Thank you for reading. EDIT: Oh, and my daughter suggested if possible, that when a person dies, they also launch a canoe on fire and send it upstream, for a Viking type funeral. That is IF the animation is possible. It could be a choose option as well, to have that or not.
  6. I suggested this over at WoB, but no one has replied yet. While playing CC I recognized the lack of sufficient food preps that could be done on the dock only. How about adding Hydroponic Veggies? You could the Rice Farm model, and do like Kid's Veggie Crop does, where you plant "vegetables" and harvest a random amount of things like squash, beans, tomatoes, corn, etc. It would add to the available food options for the docks, and create more variety. It would also lessen the dependence on land farming a bit, for a true dock life experience. And it could be made standalone, and or added to the CCDocks mod for those like me who find CC a bit too much for my old grandpa laptop, lol. Thank you for reading.