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  1. Thanks stiles but I think I can kill enough of them by freezing and or starving them.
  2. How about cattle rustlers as a mod or a disaster?
  3. Thanks stiles and Ketchup. What a marvelous game I'm 73 now I reckon they could be nailing the lid down before I master it. You people are doing are doing a fantastic job.
  4. Hi stiles. I made 2 16 by 14 pastures on the side of a hill, you know when you cut them into the hill they put the posts in and it flattens the pasture out, I have found as long as you have the shelter end of the pasture on the flat everything lines up good but if I have all of the pasture cut into the hill quite often there is a gap between the shelter and what I think is the gate end fence hence the animals wandering off.. I know that I haven't explained that at all well and you will probably be as confused as I am but what I will try to do is get a screen capture of what happens and post picture of it but nothing will stop me enjoying this fantastic game. Thanks stiles I hope I haven't given you a headache.
  5. Yes they were estherhb, They were cut into the side of a mountain and now that you mention it I did have something like this once before. I built a pasture on the side of a hill and when it was finished there was a gap in the corner, it didn't look like it lined up with where the covered part is and the animals got out and wandered about, some of them might have done a runner and I never noticed. Thanks very much estherhb I think you have cracked the case.
  6. Yes stiles I checked those things it seems it was just too far, it was a large map and when I found the animals there were baskets with meat in that the poor bannies had come to collect but never made it home Thanks stiles, I think it's something I done wrong just as if the animals got out and done a runner because I had forgotten to do something but I will go back a few saves and have another go.
  7. I was quite well advanced into the game when I found I was having bannies starving to death so clicked on the starving and found some of them with 4 bison and 4 llama at the edge of the map. I had large enough fields(fenced) for them but they decided to fly the coup, I wonder if it was after I split the herds. Has anyone else had this problem and or can someone please Help??
  8. Thanks very much, there is a lot to this game but I am learning and a couple of my family are hooked as well. Kind regards grizz
  9. Hi stiles, Yes I joined World of Banished ( I should have posed this question to the members)sorry I never noticed how many years went by but there must have been 3 winters at least because I built the food gathering trio then there was a winter, then I deleted the wooden house and built the stone one before the next winter then after that winter I deleted the next wooden and built the stone. I can't remember if there were children in the houses that I deleted and if there was did they move into the stone house(I think I'm having an old persons moment here stiles) The people that I made homeless by deleting the wooden buildings moved into the stone buildings immediately. I think I might load that game again and see if I can replicate what I done and take more notice of what happened. Many thanks again stiles. Kind regards. grizz
  10. Thanks for your help. I had built a hunter, a gatherer and a fishing dock and had 2 births in the wooden houses, I think I would have been playing for about 45 mins(I'm not sure about that) and I deleted the wooden house as soon as winter was over to give some good weather while they built the stone house. I play the game in 1 or 2 speed, I'm too old and slow to play at the 5 or 10 speed, I have started a new game on medium start and things are going well. Thanks again for your help and I think this game is the best I have played ever, you people deserve a medal. Kind regards. grizz
  11. Greetings, I don't know if anyone else has had this happen but I'm using mega mod 8.01 and picked easy start and as the population became laborers I built a stone house and deleted the wooden one. Shock horror, the people moved into the stone house so I built another and deleted the wooden one But only one child was born in the whole village. I tried building a church and a hospital but no sex. What went wrong? I have now started a new game on medium start and things seem to be going well.
  12. Hi estherhb and stiles Sorry I'm a bit late getting back to you but the game played ok when I loaded the mods but I had no sound so I downloaded the old directX( 2010 ) and installed that, it seemed to load a lot of stuff but like magic everything works great. Thanks again for your help. Regards grizz
  13. I'm back, re the game crashing, i can play the game now but if I try to quit to get a different map seed it will crash. Thanks again for your help.
  14. Thanks very much I will try that and report back.
  15. I have been playing my favorite game(Banished) on my old computer with no problems at all, I have the 3 parts of mega mod 8.01 enabled but when I get about 500 people the old pc starts to lag so I purchased a new pc with an amd a12-9800 cpu and a radeon rx 560 grahics card. Shock horror I try to enable the mods but I enable the first but when I try to enable the other 2 they go red and say there is conflict so just enable the first, I pick the map seed and the other bits and the game starts and that's it, the screen goes blank, I bring up the task manager but the screen stays blank except for a little message appears saying there's a fatal error and before I can read what fatal error the screen goes black again and I have to reset the pc. Can anyone help please?