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  1. Okey Dokey. Just reporting in, Sir!! (executes sharp salute)
  2. I think the reply is down again. Just now, I tried to reply to a post and got this: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare strip_html_bbc__preg_callback() (previously declared in /home/content/22/6530022/html/wob/Sources/Post.php:2939) in /home/content/22/6530022/html/wob/Sources/Post.php on line 2947
  3. Well, thank YOU, Ketchup, for staying on top of this, and keeping us informed. Been a part of SOOOO many forums where they basically just ignore.
  4. IT'S BACK ON!!! But there are no downloads up yet, just forum......
  5. Nope. Did that. Still getting technical. Kinda worries me, cause when it comes back, I hope I get it back too
  6. I wonder why I'm getting the technical message, and not the broken message.
  7. I don't get that message. I get this: Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /home/content/22/6530022/html/wob/Sources/Load.php on line 142
  8. i wonder if he has time now?
  9. Would there be any way to get some of the CC stuff as separate mods? Specifically, the ghosted decor selection. I love CC but would love to have that for regular games. Also the storage ship, and the Military Set. Please let me know if getting these separate is feasible, and thank you for all your hard work.
  10. Hello. I live in California. I love Banished! I look forward to trying out all your mods!