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  1. Firstly, This game would not be what it is without your mods. Thank you, you all have greatly increased the replay value, and you've extended the life of this game beyond it's original EoL. my goal: I would like to make a non-distributed version of MM8 that gives me some more food resource production for a few of my favorite raw apiaries / fishermen - maybe even bakeries. I thought I may be able to do this by altering a config file and recompiling. I downloaded the banishedtookkit learned about it somewhat, but I think that I might need the source do accomplish my goal. With a SW background, I'd like to think that I'm capable of any tweaks as a modder except for decent modeling w/ blender - which I do not plan on doing. Could anyone please point me towards the right direction for how I would tweak the production rate of fishing stations- etc? Do I need the source for the mod? If so, is that public? Thank you