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  1. That makes sense. I haven't played the map types with limited buildable area yet, so can't really gauge whether they feel balanced or not in those scenarios. Guess I'll avoid these specific buildings until I get around to trying waterworld or marsh.
  2. Hey. New Banished (and CC) player here. A little background before I jump into the suggestion. The vanilla game provided a slight initial challenge, but became boring for me extremely fast. Production chains were too simple, extremely limited buildings set, hard difficulty wasn't very hard, etc. I came across your DLC...errr...mod (really great work) and was amazed. More difficulty choices, new terrains, new map sizes, more buildings and more complex production chains. The (what felt like) half-completed vanilla version is now feeling like a full release game. Once again, great work. So, I started up a pilot game (on medium) to toy around with all the unfamiliar additions. What stood out to me immediately was that some of the new buildings are overly productive. The reed farms are producing outputs at insane quantity for its footprint and worker count. The hunting reeds do the same. Seriously, this thing is comparable to a fully staffed hunting cabin without the radius and a small footprint. What's worse, the output of these overproductive buildings can be used to make clothing with a high trade value. It seems like an extremely broken early game strat that removes any semblance of difficulty. My suggestion, balance changes to some of these buildings would be nice. Make them less productive. I'm not sure what confines exist for mods, but maybe that's already the case at higher difficulty settings and they're only this broken at medium and easy. In which case, sorry for the hasty suggestion.