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  1. Thank you for all answers, I guess I just get rid off whole tavern as it is not what I was expecting to, hope Kralyerg can fix this in future, it would be awesome!
  2. This sounds really odd to me, so all that rum and liquer I bought from trader is sitting in storage for nothing and Inn next to it is bone dry? Also I produced those pub meals and now they are also in storage, so...WTF? Collecting only from producers seem a bit dumb to me.
  3. I recruited him thru Inn, he is ale wench as in occupation. If that's what you meant.
  4. For some reason my employee at Inn and Garden does not collect luxury items such Rum, Liquer and Pub Meals from Viking Stock Vault, why?
  5. Thank you for quick answer, seems it is working now as build Viking Stock Vault, love the model
  6. As you can see from screenshot: Problem Perfume is on ground around Perfumery after manufactured, but none of it has been collected and delivered in to warehouse, market nor trader, why?