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  1. And it works great! Thank you again!!
  2. Thank you so much!! This is really great!!
  3. Oh, yes, that would be fine!!
  4. Could this be made as a standalone mod, so we can make rice flour outside of CC Journey, using the CC Docks mod?
  5. Could someone please make a grinder/mill that processes the rice from CC into flour? Seems a waste to have rice, then have to go get another grain for flour. Could make it standalone for use with other CC standalone mods? Pretty please??
  6. Ketchup just announced that in his next update to his RKEditor, he is coming out with animated goats, bears, longhorn cows, pigs, and more realistic looking ducks, plus others. He found a guy willing to animate all these, and they look just great. Check out his thread at WoB under Red's New Work in Progress title. He will be releasing the new update in a few days.
  7. If you are wondering if anyone will sell your email, do what I do. I signed up with a email account, and that's the only one I give out to sign up for stuff. I check it daily for any personal messages, but otherwise, if I get spammed, no biggie, it's not my personal active email. I only give that out to friends and family. And, IMO, it's only "bad" if you are required to pay something. Which none of those sites or this one do. So, it really is no big deal hon.
  8. Ok, thanks.
  9. Does the wild Shepard actually bring back animals if you have a pasture ready, or does he just bring back a product?
  10. Yes, thank you guys. Adjusting the UI helped.
  11. Well, I guess that solves why it didn't seem to change much. But for my little 15 inch screen, it looks big. But I guess it's not the fault of the mod. Thanks for clearing that up, Kralyerg. I'll just manage.
  12. I'm playing CC Journey, with the latest Banished, Short Toolbar mod is on top of all others including CC. Tool bar in game remains the same size. I have a small laptop, and was hoping this would be nicer. Anyone know why not working?
  13. Is there a list of the climates in CC and how they affect the game? For example, CC Marine. What kind of climate is that? Temperature range? Is there snow with that? And so on. Some of them give info, most don't much. Thanks. Neva mind, lol, I found the charts.