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  1. And I read this before, doesn't tell banshee travel speed... = You know how you can build a Stone Road directly on top of a Dirt Road, but not the other way around? That's because roads have a hierarchy system where some roads can be built on top of others. It's a numbered system, where the lower numbered roads can be built directly on top of higher numbered roads. Here's some numbers. CC AND VANILLA ROADS Red Brick Road 4 Brick Road 5 Quay Road 6 Moss Road 9 Stone Road 10 Sandstone 11 Gravel Road 12 Soil Road 14 Country Road 19 Dirt Road 20 COLOR ROAD MOD White Road 22 Black Road 23 Brown Road 24 Purple Road 25 Blue Road 26 Green Road 27 Yellow Road 28 Orange Road 29 Red Road 30 GRASSY ROAD MOD Gravel Road 38 Sandy Road 39 Sand Road 40 Desert Road 41 Plantation Road 42 Pasture Road 43 Crop Road 44 Swamp Road 45 Marsh Road 46 Verdant Road 47 Grass Road 3 48 Grass Road 2 49 Grass Road 50 Transparent 51 DS ROADS MOD by Discrepancy Wood Roads 110-115 Stone Roads 120-139 Gravel Roads 150-154 Wood Chip Roads 160-161 Dirt Roads 170-177 Grass Roads 190-192 Garden Patch Road 195 End of Roads Mod by WinTin Dirt Road 900-914 Stone Roads 930-944 Earth Roads 960-974 So remember. The lower the numbers can be built right on top of higher numbers. Side note: If two different roads accidentally have the exact same numbers (which has happened), then when you build a single square of the second road, every square of the first road will instantly turn in to the
  2. Already did that: result on THIS site = Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching for: Newest results first Roads in content titles only More search options
  3. Stone roads permit banshees to travel faster than on soil roads - according to dialog box. What about brick roads? Dialog box doesn't say. >> Is travel on brick roads faster than on dirt soil roads? >> Same as stone/faster/slower? << Thank you wizards.