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  1. It does say Banished 1.0.7 Version 170910, yes. Duck blinds do seem subject to a bit of odd behavior from the googling I've done, yes, but now that the material is being gathered, not gonna worry about it.
  2. Well, I have literally no idea what happened since I have not changed any mods or storage areas, but for some reason, duck meat is now being gathered into Protein and Edibles properly. Sorry for cluttering things up with a question that ended up... somehow... fixing itself! >< Thank you though! If you like I'll provide that information still in case someone else reports the same issue, just let me know. Edit: To add, the only real change I did for any storage involving meat was deconstructing the wrecked ship that wasn't holding any of the meat either.
  3. Hey all. Bit of a problem here; I'm new to using this modpack, and I set up a Hunting Blind. It produces meat, but the meat isn't being moved to storage by laborers or the hunters in the blind. There's a screenshot below of the duck meat lying on the ground, and the protein storage in view. It also will not be moved to non-specified storage barns. Any suggestions for how to fix this? Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/M2Qssu7
  4. Hey all. Been playing Banished for a bit now, after a few games thought I'd check out the Colonial Charter mod. I enjoy Banished, but I play most anything but Call of Duty type shooters and sports games. Just finished the original God of War's trophy list on my Playstation, for instance. I have three cats, they're all adorable little jerks.