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  1. I deleted everything in my windata folder. I guess I should uninstall the game and try again. Lord I suck at this
  2. ok so i loaded mm8 files into my win data folder, i tried to launch banished from Steam and i got this error "Steam Error, an error occured when up dating Banished (app running). where do i go from here?
  3. thank you so much! i was able to locate it! when i opened the win data i saw all the other mods, do i need to delete those before adding the MM8 files?
  4. I've been itching to install Megamod 8 onto banished. Im not a tech savy person so i did some reading. I down loaded Win zip, check. down loaded the megamod file, check. hecked my PC and i cant find where Banished is!! I have the icon on my desk top, the only thing i can find is the file for Steam. Im gonna be a bit heart broken if i cant get this figured out. Anyone have any idea as to where i could find the banished file? I went My PC > Local Disk C: > Program files nothing!! I know i need to find banished so i can put the files into the Win data. thank you to anyone who reads and helps out!