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  1. ... this is AMAZING.
  2. I believe those quarries and other similar MyPrecious things are in the MegaMod now, when they aren't in CC.
  3. -grabbyhands at japanese cherry tree- give, yespls, do want, ketchup does such nice works!
  4. It never fails. My village gets to 50 people in the current playthrough ... and @Kralyerg releases an incremental bugfix for CC. -headdesk-
  5. Does anyone know where the 6-person houses from DSSV v1 went in DSSV Houses v2?
  6. I bet that's it. Damn, of course I figure this out right when Bother really starts thriving. Bah. Time to start over again? (I sort of want an unfix for the Domesticated Animals, I liked using them for traders.)
  7. I am using v2. They are in that order. I suppose the problem could be some of the other mods that are in there. IronIsIron Japanese Houses Japanese Shrine MartimesCrystalCliffs for 1.0.7 MarketPuzzle for 1.0.7 MiniBuildings Months SBVMission for 1.0.7 CoalasMeterial I think I'm also running VegetableGarden and CombinedMoreResources. I even moved the stockpiles around, and no matter what, the lumber goes in the Minerals stockpile, and it seems to be counting toward that limit. Which displays in the same space in the village limits list as Materials used to ...
  8. I am using 1.73, and also the superbeta MM compatability, so the mods are in the order you specified in that post. Possibly some other mod is causing it to be weird. I'll poke around later and see if I can figure it out. Man, everytime I start a new village you guys release an update and I have to start over. ^^
  9. Now that there's all the different new custom flags and limits and such, I know there's going to be specialized stockpiles for a lot of them. But would it be possible to include one that only takes wood, stone and iron (ore)? That way when I'm clearing large swathes of land for settlement, my nearby stockpile doesn't pick up random stuff from back in the main town. (ps, lumber seems to be stored in the minerals stockpile right now? I expected it to go in construction.)
  10. That moment when you start a new game to play with 1.0.7 and CC7.2 ... and you realise how many mods in MegaMod were part of your usual playstyle ... and you only have CC at the moment. @.@ my marble! my minibuildings! my dense tree shack! ... why won't that storage patch go away? What resource is salt part of now!? Which mod that I tried to put back just crashed the game!? ;_; can I grow patience? I think I might need some. What things are so much a part of your game play you get confused when they aren't there?
  11. Did you remember to download both MegaMod 0.07 and MegaMod Decos? I bet the bits you are looking for are in the deco mod.