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  1. Do they add any happiness to the town?
  2. My ropery has 130 reeds in it, yet there is the red circle with the slash through it. Why is it having problems making rope? Edit: never mind. It just turns out you need over 130 reeds to make 2 rope. lol.
  3. What is the bonemeal used for (other than trade)?
  4. I always start medium. I don't do anything to move them. Is that where it goes wrong? Do I have to go into the inventory of the trader to move them? I have had success with my cows, thankfully. But why did my chickens and pigs die?
  5. I have tried leghors (chickens) and pigs. Neither grew more than 1. For the pigs I even had 2 herders incase something was eating them. Do I need oats for them? I just got cows and I'm afraid I will kill them. Once you buy the animal, is it yours even if they die? In other games like Forest Village life is fuedal- if your animals get killed, you just destroy the pasture and start a new pasture and you get 1 new animal. Is it the same here? Thanks
  6. Hi I just got banished about a week ago on steam so it's 1.0.7. After playing if for about a week I added the Colonial Journey mod. It's going ok, ect that a few buildings want lumber so I did the sawmill that wants like 110 logs to build. I feel like they are cutting the lumber and it's piling up on the ground, but no one is taking it to the storage or the buildings under construction. What am I missing? Do I need a special storage just for lumber? I tried one of them, but it required lumber - lol! Thanks!