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  1. Well, since I've now discovered 'row houses' I no longer need to worry about homewares and building supplies lol. There are so many mods here. I discover new stuff every time I play.
  2. The building upgrade process has been the biggest hurdle. Figuring out which building produced what I need. Also finding the menu that a building is on. Many of the common things have been moved way out from where they were in vanilla for some reason, like Herbalist Shack, so it is not really intuitive where something might be on the menu.
  3. Hello all. I just went from vanilla to mega mod and I am finding it a bit of a learning curve how everything works. Has anyone put together some sort of list/diagram of how to set up production chains for the new buildings? For example, I found it really cool that you can upgrade houses, but when I went to upgrade from stone to the next one (colonial house I think), I discovered that I need materials that I didn't have. It took me around an hour to find all of the buildings needed to get these resources. I am pretty sure there will be a lot more buildings like that in MM as I discover them. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hello all. Here from Orlando, FL. 45 years old. Been a gamer since Pong. PC gamer since King's Quest I. Registered here in order to understand Megamod. I have lots of annoying questions to ask