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  1. Well, there goes that last ditch idea, then. BIOS-disabled the integrated gpu. It took a few more seconds to fail, this time! Not sure if that's progress. I guess it's time to give up. My computer is obviously whack. Thanks for trying so hard to fix it
  2. I'll have a stab at that. Running as admin didn't help, either. ...would it matter where the game itself is installed? Or is the toolkit basically independent once you copy the four files over?
  3. I'll try everything again making sure to run as admin. Yay for me having such a special problem the pros can't fix it?? I really appreciate all of your help!
  4. No joy. It installed, registry number hasn't changed, extracted a fresh install of the toolkit, copied the files anew, and still the same bloody error x_x WHAT is wrong with my computer/setup/game??
  5. omgggg I was trying to install the C++ thing, not DX. I got dxwebsetup.exe from the link above, but it still didn't do anything and said a newer one was there =\
  6. Okay, I disabled the integrated graphics, and did the regedit thing, but the DX installer still only gives the option to repair or uninstall. I tried restarting as well, and that didn't change anything. The value in the registry is still And I was very careful to disable the correct one
  7. Desktop, I think there is a basic integrated gpu but I use the card. Do you have directions on how to uninstall directx? Googling it has me concerned and confused
  8. Yes, DX said a newer version was already installed, I can't remember what the other one said - but I'll have a stab at reinstalling them just to be absolutely certain. I extracted it to E:\Installations\BanishedKit\, and did copy those four files ^^ I also tried C:\Banishedkit just in case it didn't like the custom location, but it didn't make a difference. ETA: C++ came up with the option to repair or uninstall, tried repair to make sure it wasn't corrupted, didn't help. Not sure if vcredist_arm is super crucial? Because I'm not sure what that one is for, but it says it's not a valid application when I try to run it, and I downloaded it twice in case it corrupted the first time
  9. Nope, Windows 7. I will 'upgrade' to 10 when I have no other choice...
  10. I've downloaded the 1.0.7 toolkit from Shining Rock's website, and followed the instructions. However, when I try to run BuildResources.bat, it gives the following error: Assert: hr == D3D_OK && _device != NULL Failed to create D3D device! Video\VideoDevice_dx9.cpp(296) Callstack: VideoDX9-x64-profile.dll(0x00000000f4bf7543) Runtime-x64-profile.dll(0x00000000e26de949) Runtime-x64-profile.dll(0x00000000e26b488b) Tools-x64.exe(0x000000003f233a80) Tools-x64.exe(0x000000003f3b47a3) kernel32.dll(0x00000000776759cd) ntdll.dll(0x00000000778d383d) I have tried updating my graphics driver, as that was suggested on other D3D device errors, however those were for attempting to run games, rather than a .bat - I couldn't find any info on this particular problem anywhere. I've also verified the game files, and yes, the game is also 1.0.7, and my OS is 64-bit. I have no further ideas on what's wrong. Maybe someone here can help? ^^