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  1. Thanks for your answers. For now I use flowers for trading since I have almost a thousand of them in my barn, and since they cost 1 they prove useful to even up trading costs. But I will build a perfumery when it's time. It could also be a nice addition to next MM versions if flowers could be used to craft some items for trade purpose or in the bakeries/alcohol producers. It would also be more realistic if they were a resource needed to build CC floral hedges and decorative items such as flower beds, etc. Just throwing some ideas out here.
  2. Healing potions sounds good! I looked around the many different toolbars and found that fishing gear is necessary to the building of some of Descrepancy's bridge buildings. I guess Hunting gear is useful for some other DS buildings.
  3. Hello from one of the newest members here. First of all, thanks for all the hard work from the modders community, I have been enjoying CC and MegaMod for the past week (only played vanilla until then) and I feel like I am playing a totally new Banished game, incredible work. I just have two quick questions as someone who's new to these mods: What is the purpose of creating hunting and fishing gear in a workshop and how do these resources work? And what can I do with flowers? Thank you, Damien